[News] Yun Joon Suk once again shows gratitude to Han Hyo Joo.


Hyo Joo’s brother in Brilliant Legacy, Yun Joon Suk recently showed his appreciation to Han Hyo Joo.

On July 16, tvN’s talk show “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside” aired an episode Yun Joon Suk and another “Shark” drama cast, he talked about Han Hyo Joo.

“She’s very nice and friendly to me, when I met her first on “As Much As Heaven and Earth” set, I was so lonely, and didn’t have friends on set ,she come to me first and encourages me”.

He added “She even gave me a boiled egg and fruit cider “,he expressed gratitude for Han Hyo-joo.

Yun Joon Suk and Han Hyo Joo starred together in “as much as heaven and earth, Iljimae and Brilliant Legacy”. After 3 times work together, He felt he and Hyo Joo have some kind a bond, memorable ones and left a deep impression in his mind.

He first feel thankful and respectul to Hyo Joo on his interview on May. He said ““Han Hyo Joo is the most memorable senior in Entertainment industry”.

Yun Joon Suk reveals, “Han Hyo Joo is a senior I’m the most grateful and respect for”


The 18-year-old rookie reveals that Han Hyo Joo is the senior he’s most thankful for in entertainment industry.

He debuted in 2005 with movie “Duelist” and had been cast along with Hyo Joo in 3 dramas.

They met for the first time in 2007 through KBS  drama “By Land and Sky”, followed by  SBS drama ‘Iljimae’ in 2008.

And in 2009, they met again in SBS drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’, his role as Hyo Joo’s younger brother who are suffering from autism but have the talent for music.

In recent interview, he says “Han Hyo Joo is the most memorable senior in Entertainment industry”.

“I was first met with Han Hyo-joo noona in ‘as the sky as the earth’ drama and I was so shy at time but she was really nice and make me comfortable”, he said. He was 12 years old back then.

“Then met her in Iljimae, after that, we met in Brilliant Legacy and she was very friendly and kind. She’s still be the senior who I’m the most appreciate and respect for”.


OMG! He was Hyo Joo’s brother in BL! I don’t recognize him at first, but after I read his name , I know who he is 😀