[News] Han Hyo Joo’s Super Awkward Subway Ride


On KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Weekly: Guerrilla Date, Han Hyo Joo stated that someone tried to get her number on the subway while filming in Japan.

She explained:

A man approached me and asked for my contact information [I] thought, ‘He recognizes me’ and looked back. When the man said, ‘Phone number please…’ I asked ‘My contact information?’ He left by saying ‘I’m sorry,’”

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[News] Han Hyo Joo’s high school grad photo unveiled


Han Hyo Joo’s graduation photo was revealed.

Han Hyo Joo appeared on July 6th broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ for an interview

During the interview, Han Hyo Joo’s high shcool graduation photo was revealed and her beautiful look that is not so different from how she looks now drew people’s attention.

Then reporter Kim Tae Jin made Han Hyo Joo shy by saying, “I think you look prettier in the photo

As he asked her about her high school days, she said “I was just an ordinary student who did not have much of any special talent.”