[English] Cold Eyes interview with Yongnam.com – Han Hyo Joo

In “ Cold Eyes”, Han Hyo Joo transformed into police woman.

– Recently, the accumulated a movie, comedy, situational drama, Japanese drama series such as the experience of various genres, for the acting seems to produce a certain degree of self confidence.

“If not the self confidence, the acting is also much more fun. Previously in unknowingly (For the acting) felt a lot of burden. But now gradually felt the joy of acting. Really has a happy experience”.

– Let us listen to the tasted acting to the taste of story.

“Compared to that, it is better that I can enjoy and become like (acting) process. It could be said that to be used to it. To see a new staff, play a new role, as well as the end of filming, and because of the process become so familiar with a series of publicity, and that process so naturally relaxed. As a result, a surplus is also increased. Acting like that for a considerable so much helping. The first step of working site seems unfamiliar, its make inconvenient, because originally inconvenience site. But now even that kind of inconvenience can become uncomfortable accepting. In this way, acting naturally came out.”

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