66 thoughts on “HHJ

  1. She’s really Awesome ! I admire her, Ms. Hyo-Joo alot ! 🙂 How I wish to meet her someday ♥♥♥ Gangshamida ! 🙂

  2. i hope hyo-joo unnie will continue to be cheerful and modest to win the heart of her fans..im a huge fan of her..i wish i could see her in person..saranghaeyo hyo-joo unnie. =)

  3. i am a superfan of DONGYI! 🙂 may i request for a fan sign from Han Hyo-joo? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee….

  4. very very nice, God bless you

  5. see you in the afterlife you even closer in this world will do everything in my power to see the görüşürüz.I LOVE YOU

  6. May peace be upon God’s

  7. I can not get my eyes, the eyes and the smile

  8. may i request for a fan sign from Han Hyo-joo

  9. I’ve pretty much site. Thank you very stylish.

  10. They would not miss! My God … it’s like saying water is wet, do not. Ma’am. hyo joo miss you. iljima and Dong Yi, you’ve come to our TV., but soon left., but still at heart a lasting memorial. I hope one day, read my homework. Loving and supporting you .Meysam

  11. Hello hyojoo,
    You look more beautiful and pretty Korean girl l ever seen before.
    Hope you are happy and be health . Bye from Kangsi

  12. each time I see you, I feel love life because you always smiling brightly. I will always love you.

  13. Oh, What site was nice.*gamsa.gomaso Really what your name.<3

  14. gamsahabinda ❤ nan dangsin-eul salang haeyo*

  15. Korean lady. Supporter Han Hyo Joo. Merry Christmas to you too

  16. You are all autumn moments, full of beautiful dreams rustle,
    I wish to get all your dreams ♥^.^

  17. Hello hyojoo,l like met in Singapore or maybe in Seoul .l am fan of HanHyoJoo from Singapore.Would marry me become my wife.

  18. I was very impressed with the character eun sung.Han testified how that character has so much emotion!

  19. Hi, hyojoo l am kangsi from Singapore. I am fan of Han HyoJoo..l fall in love you hyojoo because you are the most beautiful and pretty Korean girl in South Korea. I never seen before it is true from my heart and l am a Christian never lies. HOPE YOU CAN GIVE ME A CHSNCE TO KNOW YOU BETTER.

  20. I’m a great fan of Han hyo joo shi..and i hope this year my idol would always smile for us(her fans).and maintain her slim body figure and glowing skin, to get us inspired everyday…han hyo joo saranghamnida =)

  21. I love Han Hyo Joo for the you role in the Dong Yi and for other roles you played in movies.I am from Romania!I’d give anything that to know you.When I watched ,,Dong Yi” I was obsessed with the role of Dong Yi. You are very beautiful.I want to come in Romania!You have twitter or oficial facebook?There are many people who pose as Han Hyo Joo on facebook.Sometimes,I play the Joseon Dynasty Queens.I want ,I watch Korea ,but I can`t because I haven`t enough money.If I come in Korea I would like to meet you.My favorit actress is:Han Hyo Joo, Kyun Mi Ri and Park Ha Sun

  22. Annyeonghaseyo Wilson eyo Bangowoyo. Still haven’t seen Love 911. Still learning your language. How was “Seol Bim”? Did you do your “Jesa”? Did you perform Charye?
    Did you “eat one more year?” WOW. You have received many awards and rewards in your career. Hope you don’t get drunk often, It could ruin your life and compromise your family values. Please be careful and listen to your parents. You will live longer
    That’s a promise from Ephesians 6 verses 2 and 3. Buy a bible, please. Have a very happy Valentine’s Day on February 14 and for making us cry, laugh and love you,
    daedanhee gamsahamnida. In Spanish it means, Muchas gracias. ?Amigos?


  24. Hi han hyo joo, do you mind if you sing the one song from girl generation 😀

  25. I hope, I can watch her new drama as soon as possible. I miss her so muccchhhh :’)

  26. annyeong everyone.. i really like brilliant legacy and dong yi so much.. recently i saw you uploaded briliant legacy epi 28 bts full.. but its better if you upload a HD one.. i wasnt able to see them clearly..but thank you for sharing. hahaha hwan sung FOREVER!!!

  27. i am a superfan of DONGYI! 🙂 may i request for a fan sign from Han Hyo-joo? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee….

  28. Going to New York for medical reasons and to see my family, mother, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Keep us in your prayers. gomawo.

  29. I don’t know if I will have internet in New York. I’m going to be there from March 9 until March 19. Good-by Han Hyo-joo. Your chair friend?

  30. very nice han hyo joo. . end very nice girl!! ^_^

  31. Does Han Hyo Joo have a husband? if she does, who is it?

  32. She’s really very beautiful. I wish to meet her someday..please give her telephone number.

  33. Can I request eng srt for Love 911? I really want to watch it >.<
    Love her character in the movie. She's always great.

  34. Han hyo joo you are famous in sri lanka since they started to show your drama dong yi I wish,you would visit sri lanka.

  35. hi i’m looking for hyo joo nuna pict just like on her fancafe..can you help me find the pict? http://bit.ly/12NLE7F (please check the link image ^^) thx

  36. Han hyo joo u are the most hotest and best actress i had seen in korea and i hope this is han hyo joo ‘s original site

  37. Please do gwiyomi! =D

  38. i want fansign from han hyo joo please!!! ❤

  39. She radiates a childlike innocence and enthusiasm that is infectiuos. Her beauty comes from the inside and that is the source of her charm. Hope she remains good. Her character as Enusung and Dong yi is derives from her inner being. I am her fan and will continue to watch her dramas which by the way is so difficult to get in Nigeria.

  40. is there any official Twitter account for Han Hyo Joo ?????

  41. is there any official Twitter account for Han Hyo Joo ???????????

  42. han hye joo,l like you very much,you are in my dekstop u know that?

  43. I just went into your page “me2day” but I won’t join it, You need your privacy too. We intrude too much in your life. Have peace Miss Hyo Joo. Good by till the next time. I’m waving from my chair in Florida, USA.

  44. Hey han hyo joo. I wish I can cook for Han Hyo Joo my beloved friend from South Korea. l will cook for Han Hyo Joo and friends to curry fish head ,satay laksa and pork rib bakuteh as l promise with you Han Hyo Joo kangsi from Singapore,

  45. I as well am a very huge fan of Hyo Joo (Pungsang!!)… I may be able to attend her gala preimiere 😀 Can anyone share their experience about how you can get her autograph?? Advice?

  46. Actually i’m from Sri Lanka!My favourite actress is han hyo joo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish to meet her some day……
    plz visit sri lanka some day……..

  47. please han hye joo,plese visit sri lanka.
    all of sri lankans are waiting for you.
    this is a innocent request by a sri lankan girl..

  48. hwen i started to watch the movie 2011…. in the 1st lokk i got realize that han hyo joo is acting a role of a blind girl… such a talented lady… and also dong yi tv series inspired all the sri lankans….. good luck little angel…….

  49. Its 4a.m right now, and I really want HHJ read this and after a while I can release all the burden in my head, I’m razi from Malaysia, and I didn’t like a K-drama or K-Pop and its look like childish for me in the first place, then suddenly I watch Love911 starring by HHJ its change my mind and my world. Im start asking, who are you? Oh man, love start form my first sight, then its become crazy, when I heard HHJ want to come to Singapore to launch her new film, me my self start crazy and contact the organiser to get ticket by online eventhough Im in Malaysia then after several hard effort, no ticket and hard to acces because Im not Singaporean, then I decided to go to see you ast 3h of August 2013 in Jurong Park, the craziest things is I cancelled all my cases in court, because Im a lawyer, one and only the reason is to see you HHJ. right now I just thinking if I can go to Korea to meet you there, ist my dream can become true? shhh.. I feel better after I write this and in the flower mode because of HHJ

  50. Hello there! Your site is perfect! Anyway, I just want to ask something. Does your page need any admin? I am interested in helping you.
    I hope you can reply on this. Good luck for everything 🙂

  51. anyeong hasseyo! looking forward on a day that you’ll visit philippines or get a chance to see you in korea…more projects esp. w/ LSG or Yoochun..love you all…=)

  52. hello hyojoohan! 🙂 i’m not sure if this request is too ambitious, but i suggest to have a new question and answer with han hyo joo :))

  53. hello hyojoohan
    just wanted to say thanks so much for always updating us with hyojoo news
    hope u r doing fine dear 🙂

  54. please help me find a good and trusted subtitle of cold eyes… 🙂

  55. I like you very much Han Hyo Joo.

  56. Ur fan 4rm nigeria.always loving u han hyo joo,but trust nobody except urself urself.let ur character in the drama ‘dong yi’ be reality in daily life.love u more than u do.

  57. I’m from nigeria.I love han hyo joo.do u know why? It’s because of her lovely smile,her natural beuty and her good character in the drama ‘dong yi’ i hope ur good character in ‘dong yi’ is reality in ur daily life.love u more than u do.see u later

  58. Miss Han Hyo Joo, please… come to Indonesia.

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