• She was first discovered at a teenage beauty pageant.
  • Frequent in Korean, Japanese and English.
  • Has sang for 3 soundtracks: New Nonstop 5, Ride Away and Soul Special.
  • Feels maternal over her younger brother.
  • Has a very close relationship with her grandmother.
  • She moved to Seoul by herself during her 2nd year in high school.
  • She enjoys watching indie films and listening to indie music.
  • Loves to play the acoustic guitar
  • Sometimes wakes up to a bloody nose because she’ll roll out of bed while sleeping, and would later on climb back into bed.
  • Has an “ullzang mom”
  • States that she has never had plastic surgery, but is not against it.
  • Her father was a Korean Air Force personnel while her mom was a kindergarten teacher.
  • When she was younger, she would steal her dad’s razor to shave off her mustache.
  • Her celebrity crush is So Ji Sub, and wishes to go traveling with him.
  • Her drinking capacity is half a bottle of wine or 3-4 shots of soju.
  • She bought her mom a new car with the money she earned after debuting.
  • Has a group of 6 friends, and with her, they form the 7 teng. They call each other by their surnames so Hyo Joo is Han-teng.
  • She’s Choi Minhwan’s (from F.T. Island) ideal girl.
  • Ueda Tatsuya of the famous Japanese boy group, KAT-TUN, wishes to meet her.
  • She used to room with Ivy and Block for 3 years.
  • Considered giving up on acting when Spring Waltz didn’t do as well as expected in South Korea.
  • She used to be extremely camera shy until veteran actress Kim Hae Sook gave her advice that helped her overcome her fears.
  • She Has a chihuahua named Mongdoongie.


16 thoughts on “Facts

  1. is her closest boyfriend ,Seung Gi shi????

  2. is she single now??

  3. I will never get tired of visiting here. Thank you!

  4. i like han hyo joo, i’m her fan here in Philippines,hope she can visit us…

    • Dear pj: Philippines is great and rocks🙂 thank u very much pj, for ur love to HHJ and this site as always ^^

  5. Hello from California! I am a huge fan of HHJ! Love her easy and simple personality!

  6. hey.I am 14 year old child in sri lanka.I am a big fan of you.

  7. I’m ur lover and fan in nigeria.u really have a good vision and mission.

  8. I Love Han Hyo Joo.

  9. I Love Han Hyo Joo. She is Beauty.

  10. since spring waltz I really do love her.. and now that she finally came back can’t wait for her new drama.. hope they got along more with lee jung suk..


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