[Interview] ‘Cold Eyes’ Han Hyo Joo “I’m An Actress That Continues To Stick”

Actress Han Hyo Joo’s style isn’t that of being affable and kind. On the contrary, she’s very playful and straightforward. She is truly outspoken.

In the beginning it is possible to be disconcerted from her, but after meeting her for a second and third time, I fell for her sincere image. Months before on a variety program, her phrase “Beau.ti.ful!” may have reflected her tendencies 100 percent.

It seemed like it was just a few years ago that she was just a fresh teenager, but she’s already in her later 20s. She matured as a woman and developed as an actress during that time. Is it due to her being a ten-year veteran? Her acting spectrum has begun to increase in earnest since last year. Continue reading