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201611300241271810_12hanhyojooworld.wordpress.com was created on February 14, 2012.

hanhyojooworld.wordpress.com is a news source and fanblog for Han Hyo Joo. It is an english fanblog for her international fans outside of Korea. We update fans on all of the latest news regarding Han Hyo Joo distribute images and videos of her, and of course talk about Han Hyo Joo.

hanhyojooworld.wordpress.com blog is not affiliated with Han Hyo Joo 한효주 or her management. Han Hyo Joo is not involved in the operation of this blog in any manner.

This is solely dedicated especially to a korean actress, the one and only, our beloved Han Hyo Joo. Make sure to check the blog for the latest news on Han Hyo Joo. Thanks a lot for visiting Han Hyo Joo lovers ♥

16 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. hi i want to ask 🙂 Lee Seung Gi’s fansclub name is AIRENS it means someone to love how about Hyolics?

  2. Thank you to you guys for doing all this work for our beloved HHJ, so we as fans of her, can be updated on her latest news. Keep it up ……. Fighting !!!!! : )

    • Thanks dear so much for always. we feel grateful to you cause you always support our hyo joo and support us to do updates bout hyo joo. thanks 🙂

  3. YES yes yes.we are proud to be Han Hyo Joo fans.If there is another actress who can sing,dance,play the piano and other musical instruments and acts well as proven by received awards as our beloved Hyo Joo,then perhaps we will think of being fans of that other star in addition only of course to our no. One -Hyo Joo.Provided too that she is as beautiful outside and inside as our dearest, our beloved Hyo Joo.

  4. Hi…I am very grateful that you done this great effort to facilitate this site for the purpose of sharing the things what HHJ is currently doing…..I myself cannot do this task..but you and your group really do help us in knowing HHJ that much…I have known HHJ recently and I have done some researches about her and I have found a lot from this site…upon flipping all pages of her..i have come to realize that I’m now a “HYOLICS”….again thank you and keep up this good deeds!….God Bless!…and always stay Healthy!

    • thanks a lot dear for your big support to us. we glad can help you for see our hyo joo everyday. god bless you too dear. we hope you will always love hyo joo forever in everytime 🙂

  5. Is there a way, by any chance ….. that fans from other country like myself, can purchase items that HHJ endorsed back in Korea ? example Samchully bicycle ? : )

    • do you really wanna buy ant stuff of our hyo joo’s endorsement?

      • Oh sorry, i didn’t click the reply to your message …… anyway, how do i go about in buying stuff endorsed by beloved HHJ ? : ) i managed to get her calender for this year while i was in Seoul during March. As for her movies and dramas, i managed to get some in Singapore and Malaysia. For those that i can’t get, i will ask my Korean sis in law to get them for me when she goes back.

  6. Yes, of course …….. How to go about ? And do you have a list of stuff available ? : )

  7. i only managed to get one of her calender for this year while i was in Seoul during March. As for her movies and dramas, i managed to get some of them here in SIngapore and Malaysia. Those that i can’t get it here, i asked my Korean sis-in-law to get them for me once she goes back……..
    Anyway, found out that Ms Han wish to donate to the charities instead of receiving birthday gifts for her next birthday ? Is it true ? : )

  8. Hyo noju just make my mind day and night …… I love … Lovely to see her close to me, someday love

  9. You are dong great job. keep going. we need more updates about han hyo joo .

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