About Han Hyo Joo


Name: Han Hyo Joo (한효주)
Profession: Actress and Model
Birthdate: February 22, 1987
Birthplace: Cheongju, South Korea
Religion: Catholic
Height: 172cm
Star sign: Pisces
Blood type: A
Education: Dongguk University (Dramatics and Films Department)
Debut: Discovered at a teenage beauty pageant in 2003



[2016] The APAN Star Awards: Best Actress (W – Two Worlds)
[2015] The Korean Film Actors’ Association Awards: Top Star Award (Beauty Inside)
[2013] 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress (Cold Eyes)
[2013] 22nd Buil Film Awards: Best Actress (Cold Eyes)
[2012] CETV Asia’s Top 10 Popular Star Awards: Hallyu Star Prize
[2011] 1st Hong Kong Cable TV Awards: Best Actress (Dong Yi)
[2011] 47th Baeksang Art Awards: Best TV Drama Actress (Dong Yi)
[2010] MBC Drama Awards: Daesang (Grand Prize) (Dong Yi)
[2010] MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Dong Yi)
[2010] 3rd Korea Drama Awards: Best Actress Award (Dong Yi)
[2010] 5th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Drama – Best Actress (Brilliant Legacy)
[2009] SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (Brilliant Legacy)
[2009] SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Special Planning Drama – Actress (Brilliant Legacy)
[2009] SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Lee Seung Gi (Brilliant Legacy)
[2009] Mnet 20’s Choice Awards: Hot Female Drama Star (Brilliant Legacy)
[2008] SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Iljimae)
[2007] KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Heaven and Earth)
[2007] KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Park Hae Jin (Heaven and Earth)
[2007] Korea Best Dressed Swan Award: Best Dressed
[2007] 20th Singapore International Film Festival: Best Actress Award
[2006] 26th Korean Screen Critics Awards: Best New Actress Award
[2003] Binggrae Smile Awards: Grand Prize


T V  D R A M A S

W – Two Worlds | (MBC 2016) – Oh Yeon Joo
Dong Yi | Jewel in The Crown (MBC 2010) – Dong Yi
Shining Inheritance | Brilliant Legacy (SBS 2009) – Go Eun Sung
Postman to Heaven | (SBS 2009) – Jo Hana
Soul Special | (KBS Joy 2009) – Jin Mi Ah
Iljimae | (SBS 2008) – Eun Chae
Heaven and Earth | (KBS 2007) – Park Ji Soo
Spring Waltz | (KBS 2006) – Park Eun Young
Nonstop 5 | (MBC 2005) – Hyo Joo 



Golden Slumber (2017)
Love, Lies (2016)
The Beauty Inside (2015)
C’est Si Bon (2015)
View of Mount Myohyang – Short Film (2014)
Miracle Devil Claus Love and Magic – Japan (2014)
Cold Eyes (2013)
Masquerade (2012)
Love 911 (2012)
Only You / Always (2011)
Ride Away (2008)
Ad-Lib Night (2006)
My Boss, My Teacher (2005)



[11.03.26] 1st Korea Fanmeeting: 2 Hours 22 Minutes with Han Hyo Joo
[11.10.10] 1st Japan Fanmeeting: Han Hyo Joo Live Show


94 thoughts on “About Han Hyo Joo

  1. When HHJ ‘ll come to INDONESIA : ?

  2. i watched nonstop 5,she doesn’t have many appearance there..but look at her now she’s one of the greatest actress in korea…just hope that you stay cool and simple..may God bless you more for your kind heart,for the wordpress gamsahamnida for sharing this site…


  4. i ❤ han hyo joo very much !!
    i want to meet you someday `

  5. i wish from my bottom of my heart that han hyo joo come to tunisia

  6. im a # 1 fan in han hyo joo .. shesmy beloved idol :))

  7. I’m a fan of Han Hyo Joo Thailand.
    Like her performance. A lovely woman.


  9. 당신이 아프리카에 갈 때…탄창의 자선 직장 HAN HYO JOO

  10. Hi,, Han Hyo Joo…!!! 🙂 I’m one of your fans here in the Philippines.. We hope you will come back here .. we are so excited to see you again.. We love you..!! 🙂

  11. Oh my she luks so gorgeous….I never passed a day wd out luking at her pixs or watch some of her videos…she luks even more beautiful these days…

    • you can count on my words dat i do and will support and luv her 4ever….kip on updating us wats d l8st bout her…by d way hav u seen her in person?

  12. I am Özlem;In turkey..series and movies alot.I hope you are successful in the future.Kisses

  13. I’m an avid fan of Miss Han Hyo Joo ever since the day i watch Dong Yi. To me she is one of the most beautiful woman in the world. She is really HOT. More power to her and always stay as sweet as you are Hyo =). Love you and God Bless.

  14. HAN HYO JOO for ever!.until she get’s old.i would still be her fan..

  15. hi HAN HYO JOO. I am really love you .can you send email for me and after that i answer it .one of your best friend sajjad wait for you.
    my email is:sajad90_rezaie@yahoo.com

  16. who exactly you are? do u work for her or just a fan?

  17. im from Norfolk, Virginia USA a fun of Miss Han Hyo Joo ever since i watched Dong Yi. I do care and love her as an avid fan. God Bless on her and more power to her 🙂

  18. Yeah its for real, ill support her all the way 🙂


  20. I am your lover, Han Hyo Joo, I hope someday you can see up close


  22. Han Hyo Joo Hello, I love you with all my heart and I wish that one day you can see up close. Mmatin121mg@yahoo.com please give me a reply to comments

  23. 한 Hyo 은 안녕하세요 노주 , 내 마음 당신을 사랑하고 언젠가는 가까이서 볼 수 기원합니다.Mmatin121mg@yahoo.com 은 댓글로 나에게 답장 을 적어주세요

  24. 안녕하세요 한효주 난 당신이 나에게 전자 메일 메시지를 보내주고 싶 …. 당신이 실수를 할 경우 매우, 매우 행복 해요 ….. 나는 어떻게해야합니까

  25. 안녕하세요 한효주 난 당신이 나에게 전자 메일 메시지를 보내주고 싶 …. 당신이 실수를 할 경우 매우, 매우 행복 해요 ….. 나는 어떻게해야합니까 mmatin121mg@yahoo.com

  26. Han Hyo Joo hello i love you to send me an e-mail message …. I’m very, very happy if you do it wrong ….. I do I do mmatin121mg@yahoo.com

  27. Hi
    I am from Iran and I invite you to visit Iran
    Thanks Mehdi Oshani

  28. love you hhj in a fan from philippines

  29. Han Hyo Joo Hello, I love you …… I love true …. I am Iranian and I traveled to Korea someday I hope to see you *h**h* •• •• ••

  30. hi.I iS of iran.i cannot small speak england .film doon gi scion at iran end. i subject sensation stamp become.of you reqest rely i .reqest

    • oh!my God …. جون خیلی اسکلی این که خود هان هیوجو نیس آبروی ما رو بردی که تو آخه داشته باش (amir)
      this blog run by han hyo joo fans, not hyo joo herself

  31. hello .hello. speak for my reqest…….reqest

  32. hi Han Hyo Joo , I love you …… I love true …. I am Iranian and I traveled to Korea someday I hope to see you *h**h* ••

  33. hi Why not respond to the feelings …………Please ………… please……….. please

  34. Hi ma’am. Han Hyo Joo. Upset you. Everywhere you go. But Iran come. Okay. We we love you. Myself one day, I’ll just go get my money and I’ll go visit Seoul. Many fans here you know. Meysam northern Iranian town of Baran

  35. I hope you succeed in all stages of life and health. again with their acting and cheesy stories with our home TV to AW., and the feeling of love and affection and growing our home life pretty. very very love you. Meisam from Iran’s northern city always rain

  36. Miss Han Hyo Joo. Because of the homework for you not read my writing. Okay. Miss Han Hyo Joo Thank you to read my homework. Way Everybody says I love you., But I like a lot. Thank God that you created for us. Than the sound of your fan. meysam etti. Northern Iran . town always rain. Rasht.

  37. okey.gamsa.
    .`•.¸.•´ . A. Miss Han Hyo Joo. Itself, not the website., You do not give us the message route. Worse., You could have a virtual world miss Han Hyo Joo see.

  38. Really. Then you’re one of the fans. Now, how I blow my message. Too bad that you can not see the virtual world as she. Than I love this site. Messages a day, come and see me..gamsa(^.^)<3

  39. Hi Hugh, Joe’s …… I love you always work ……. Good luck …. Hope to see you around in korea

  40. Han Hyo Joo, I love you. You’ re amazing! 🙂

  41. hi han hyo joo im 14 year old since i was 13 i still love hyo joo i saw her great appearance in acting dong yi ! she gave me love and smile also tears when i watch it and until now i watched it again i hope soon i meet her i do love korean because of her and she’s my favorite actress in south korea i dream to be liked her i want to came by . in south korea to see her personally i really really love her 🙂

  42. HI HAN HYO JOO I’m your no.1 fan in the Philippines

    You’re so amazing and more movies to come to you and advance merry christmas to you

  43. HI HAN HYO JOO I’m your no.1 fan in the Philippines

    You’re so amazing and more movies to come to you and advance merry christmas to you

  44. Han Hyo Joo Hi Baby …… I always have good luck ……. I love you with all my heart ……. I love you so …….. I want to see you visit Korea

  45. Any upcoming projects for our lady Han Hyo Joo? If there is, what is it? Can she do it with Lee Min Ho or Lee Jun Ki?

  46. Hyo Joo strikes a nice chemistry with actors like Ji Sub and Go Soo. Manly male leads rather than the flower-boy or metro-sexual types. And it fits her so well one can’t imagine another actress for the part. It means she’s a candidate for many serious romantic movies and melodramas yet to come.

  47. Princess Han, I am only a fan, not a pen pal-not a close friend, and I live very far away.
    Only a fan. But I think it is still possible to be a friend. If I vote for you-I’m a friend. If I
    support your causes-I’m a friend. If you are sick and I pray for your quick recovery-so you can jump back into your active life-then I am a friend. I may never get out of my chair and go to S.Korea and wave to you a safe distance behind a huge crowd of fans and friends, but when I see you in your interviews, shaking hands and waving at your admirers, it makes me feel like a I am there and it also lifts my heart. I am still here and I can still wish you a happy B-day and that makes me glad.

  48. We made it to your Birthday. You, in Korea, and I in the USA, Orlando Florida. We live in Pine hills but the police calls it Crime Hills Florida. Lots of drugs, dog fighting(illegal), Disney World, Universal Studios, water parks. I hope you are off from work and home with your family and friends. Hope you find true love, raise a happy family and have many happy birthdays. The best gift in life is health and love. Success and riches can come later. So I wish you lots of health and love from your family. Hold on tight to Mom.
    She will leave you someday so enjoy her today.

  49. HI.I LOVE YOU . I want to meet you someday.When will the time?

  50. hi,how are you? i hope you are fine

  51. hi hhj! im from the philippines, your no. fan here. i hope to see you soon!

  52. wahhh!!!! I’m glad that your birthday is same with me….how lucky am i….

  53. hi han hyo joo!!. .

  54. Love you so much miss Hyo Joo. Our Hyo Joo. I’m hoping for a new drama. Dong yi is my most favorite drama ever. I’ve watched it for not less than 10 times from epi 1 to 60. I also love the movie ” love 911″. Still hoping for more of ur movies & drama
    I also thz to u for I’ve learnt so many historical facts behind dong yi. Pity that I can’t search more of dong yi’s facts though. I believe that dong yi is a real life of suk bin choi. Well, sorry for a long comment. I’ll always love you “Hyo Joo”

  55. i really love your movie “ALWAYS” i always watch it. your acting is so natural, keep up the good work!!!

  56. all of film han hyo joo i was watched. what new drama in 2013? really her new drama with lee min ho? i think lee min ho with park shin hye. doesn’t? pleas reply. i want to know :*

  57. Hi. I finally saw 911 and Always. I am glad that I saw and heard Han Hyo Joo in movies and dramas. Her feelings lifted my feelings, her devotion to duty made me more dedicated to my family; and even when I can’t leave my roof, her infectious laughter lift my spirit out of my bed and chair. I lift my hand and wave across the many waters , mountains and miles and give her my personal recognition for superb acting. i hope she finds Jesus on her journey in life, and may we meet on the other side in his eternal kingdom. God bless you.

  58. hello Ms. Han Hyo Joo. . .I am a fan of yours from philippines. I was addicted to your drama Dong yi to the point that i cant sleep if i cant watch it. . . Since then, i started liking your photos in facebook. . i also watch love 911 and you’re such a great actress there. . hope you would want to visit philippines one day…. god bless. .

  59. Dear,Han Hyo Joo..my name your fan from malaysia,i love you so much!!after seen you in runningman,,i felt you one of the kind person,,most beauty,pretty,most kind person,,,hope you come to malaysia,,
    your malaysia fan,,

    • yes,admin,,of course,,,her movie,,LOVE 911,in malaysia,,i never seen genre of romentic comedy like this,,that i love her so much,,,thank for reply,,keep pray that she come to malaysia,,thank!

  60. admin,,just asking,is she still single?

  61. thank for the information!

  62. dear hhj,im from srilanka,please come to sri lanka & we will warmly welcome you!!!!!!!!plz………

  63. Hello again.I’m still here in Orlando, Florida. Have you ever visited the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland in Florida? Oops, I forgot that you live across the world. Praying for your country for peace. I just watched “Always” again!! I’m going to watch Masquerade. Your dramas ear very inspiring and always make me cry. Just imagine a 64 year old man crying over a silly movie. But you are really good as an actress. God bless you and guide you in all that you do. I hope that you found your half orange(you’re the other half, silly). I wave to you from my chair here in front of my window in Florida and hope you wave from your window in Korea.

  64. Princess Hyo Joo, You always shine brighter than the sun in my world, I always wanted to be some one like you.. ❤
    You are the Angel in my life.. 🙂 🙂
    I always loved, admired, valued you and it will always be the same in future too..
    I even pray for god and tell him to protect you, always keep you happy and to make you healthy always..
    Angel I promise you that even though it is really hard, one day I will definitely come to Korea to see you
    Who ever it is, thanks for doing something like this, I Know that managing a website is not that easy, you really do a respectable task ..

    Best wishes and regards.

  66. hi how are you?i watch epside dong yi,ilives in tehran and iranian i went the south korea with family(mother-father and sister ) .I like to add friend with you.please send to address mail in my mail.good luck and :-).

  67. Hello ,how are you and everything over there?please,when are you coming to Sri Lanka?

  68. howz your singapoer tour ?

  69. Do you have skype address plz send me

  70. hello han hyo joo plz reply to our comment’s

  71. hi its so beautiful girl han hyo joo

  72. im very like han hyo joo

  73. Hi hyojoo, you’re beautiful It’s true that I see your face and I will be never with you Han Hyo Joo. kangsi from Singapore really love you so much hyojoo more than the sky and mountain.

  74. I’m a fan from Colombia, i’ve got to say that Han Hyo Joo (Korean beauty(reeeeealy beautiful, looks like an angel…jejeje)) has make me to get a lot of interest in korean culture and womans, they’re just the most peaceful, beautiful beings that i can’t wait to meet.

  75. any news for han hyo joo new drama? it’s been 3 years since her last drama, Dong yi..i’m so excited for her new project..

  76. han hyo joo i ma umiko i like addme you aer firend you aer i comment ofr me i like you aer meet that i ilve in sri lanka

  77. HIiiiiiiiiiii han hyo joo, i’m kaushalya from sri lanka. i love you very much, my friends call me dong yi, they tell me i’m like you. i think so, i wish to meet you one day.

  78. I liked her in Brilliant Legacy first, but my admiration for HHJ started really after seeing Always (Only You). Right after then, I began watching all her films and series. I have watched her movies ride away, postman to heaven, always, love 911, masquerade, cold eyes (and even ad lib night and my boss my student.lol). I’ve been watching love 911 over and over again and i don’t get tired of it. My boyfriend likes it, too. To cope up, I just started watching Spring Waltz from where she started. lol. Also, I admired her acting in Dong-Yi. I have also watched Brilliant Legacy thrice and even watched her Soul Special in the internet. lol. I am a certified HHJ fan from the Philippines. I appreciate this page a lot since it keeps me on track to HHJ. Please keep on posting news about her. Chongmal Kamsahamnida!

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