[News] Lee Seung Gi Wants to Work With Han Hyo Joo Again

Actor Lee Seung Gi recently sent fellow actress Han Hyo Joo a love call to work together again.

It was while the actor was being interviewed on MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment Talk” when he was asked, “Among the female actresses you’ve worked with, who have you experienced the best chemistry with?” that the actor replied, “Han Hyo Joo.”

He went on to say, “She always had this great energy while shooting ‘Brilliant Legacy.’ If I ever got the opportunity, I would love to work with Han Hyo Joo again either in film or drama.”

Naturally, the talk of lead female actresses lead to Suzy, whom Lee Seung Gi had worked with in drama, “Gu Family Book.” He said, “I would say that Suzy would be any guy’s type.”

On his ideal type, Lee Seung Gi confessed, “I used to prefer the adorable and slightly clumsy type, but now I would say my ideal type is a woman who I feel comfortable around and is very considerate of others.”

He also joked, “When I first debuted, I had many older acquaintances. Over time, that ratio has been reduced drastically.”

cr : soompi


2 thoughts on “[News] Lee Seung Gi Wants to Work With Han Hyo Joo Again

  1. very very hope they’ll act again on next drama or film..
    moreover, I really hope they can be great couple in real life.. 😀

    #SeungJoo Shipper

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