[news] Lee Seung Gi sends a love call to Han Hyo Joo

Lee Seung Gi sends a love call to Han Hyo Joo.

On MBC Section TV aired September 8, he asked “Amongst all your co-stars who do you have the best chemistry with? He said “Han Hyo Joo”, and add they cooperate before in “Brilliant Legacy” and felt comfortable each other. He wishes will act together again trough movie or drama.

The first one always  unforgettable, right 😀


4 thoughts on “[news] Lee Seung Gi sends a love call to Han Hyo Joo

  1. i’m eagerly waiting for it….

  2. Thanks hyojoohan for the news…..patiently waiting for their amazing new project….:) . Hyo Joo also mention about this in her recent interview with Naver, and we can read the translation in “speciallyforlsg” with a title “bit translation from actress han hyo joo on seung gi”. Wow…just wow…really love this inspiratif couple…

  3. Reblogged this on ♥ 이승기 ♥ 인도네시아 ♥ and commented:
    and~ if there is also any kisseu scene between them now uri seunggi really more better and ready LOL am i too far already? “uri kisseu helkka? / should we kiss?” this is the lyrics of seunggi song tittle “Love Song” that narated with han hyojoo ah~ over all SeungJoo is LOVE 😀

  4. Lee Sheung Gi is a better kisser now that he has acted in many dramas. I watced Brillianr Legacy, tbe scene he kissed Han Hyo Hjo during their trip, he looked nervous. I am very happy that he as indeed matured as an actor.

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