[News] Jung Woo-sung pumped to play villain in “Cold Eyes”

SINGAPORE: Korean actor Jung Woo-sung has played dashing romantic leads in countless Korean films over the course of his career, but plays a villain for the first time in the crime thriller “Cold Eyes”.

Speaking to reporters during a recent visit to Singapore, Jung gushed about his role as James, a classy criminal mastermind that heads a seemingly unstoppable criminal syndicate in the film.

“I really loved the tension that this character James created in the movie.

“I wanted to experience how this character develops over the movie. I really wanted this particular role,” said Jung with smile.

He added that “Cold Eyes” isn’t only a breakthrough for himself as an actor, but also “a huge breakthrough” for the Korean film industry, as the logistics involved in shooting a big film like “Cold Eyes” in busy Seoul had been a major challenge.

Before “Cold Eyes”, films set in Seoul tend to be filmed in other cities instead, due to the massive amount of red tape involved in getting permits to shoot in the bustling city.

“It is not easy to film a huge movie like this in Seoul. I am very proud to have been involved in this movie,” said Jung.

Film of many firsts

Helmed by Korean directors Cho Ui-seok and Kim Byung-seo, “Cold Eyes”, which revolves around the struggle between James and a group of dedicated detectives hunting for him, is a film that contains many firsts.

Besides being Jung’s first film appearance as a villain, it is sees Korean actress Han Hyo-joo get involved in action sequences for the first time as Ha Yoon-ju, an observant detective with a photographic memory – a far cry from the innocent, cutesy roles she had previously played.

“When I first read the script, I thought that the plot was very interesting.

“This character was something that I never tried before as well, so I thought I could present more of my acting skills and approach my audience with a new perspective,” said Han.

“Cold Eyes”, a remake of the 2007 Hong Kong film “Eye in the Sky”, also marks the film debut of K-pop boyband 2PM’s Lee Jun-ho.

“I learned a lot working on this movie. Everyone would tell me how I could improve without me having to ask.

“The atmosphere is different, being alone, away from the group (2PM) with just my name Lee Jun-ho on the poster,” said Lee.

“Cold Eyes” which opened in Singapore on Thursday, received a warm reception at home before travelling overseas – over 5.5 million tickets to the film have been sold in Korea since it opened there in July this year.

cr : chanelnewsasia


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