[Event Coverage] Jung Woo-sung, Han Hyo-joo and 2PM’s Lee Jun-ho at the International Gala Premiere of “Cold Eyes”

Cold Eyes, a remake of the 2007 Hong Kong film, Eyes in the Sky, starring Korean acting heavyweights, Seol Kyung-gu, Jung Woo-sung and Han Hyo-joo, as well as Idol sensation, 2PM‘s Lee Jun-ho, saw the summer blockbuster dominate the local box office, selling 2.17 million on its opening weekend. Since the movie’s success in Korea, the cast (Jung, Han and Lee), together with Director Choi Ui-seok, made their way down to Singapore last Friday for the International Gala Premiere of Cold Eyes, much to the delight of the fans who have been patiently waiting for their visit to Singapore the past week.

The director, together with the cast of the movie, drew cheers and screams as they made their way to the stage in the completely filled 1600-seater theatre at the Marina Bay Sands. Choi started off the meet and greet by stating that Singapore would be the first country out of Korea to have the movie “Cold Eyes” released in, and hopes that the audiences would have fun watching the movie. After which, the cast, Jung, Han and Lee took turns to introduce themselves and their characters, and whilst Han was speaking, fans of the beautiful actress began shouting “아름답다!” – a phrase popularized by Han when she made her appearance on the hit variety series Running Man – which got acknowledged by the actress herself as she thanked the fans in English for shouting the phrase to her.

This movie marks a first in different ways for most of the lead cast; Jung, for playing a villain in the movie for the very first time; Han, for playing a cop for the very first time; and Lee, for clinching his first ever major movie role, which had him talking about his experience working with veterans, Jung and Han. He described it as fun and interesting, but most importantly, being on the set with them allowed him to learn a lot and he was grateful to have been able to be part of this film.

Han, known for her sweet and lovable image in her past dramas, takes up a totally different character in Cold Eyes. She states that this movie presented her the opportunity to show a completely different side of her, and hopes that as fans and audiences watch the movie, they would like this side and image of her that’s portrayed in the movie.

On what was the most challenging part for him in his role as a villain, Jung never had a particular challenge, but felt that it was interesting as his character, James, creates a lot of tension without meeting the other characters in the movie. Hence, the distance that is kept between James and the other characters in the movie, along with the setting that is filmed in Seoul, is what makes the movie interesting. He added on that he hopes the fans and audiences would enjoy Seoul, and the movie.

With the short meet and greet coming to an end, the director and cast left the stage, and the movie premiere began. Be sure to look out for our review on the movie, which will be coming up really soon!

cr : kourier


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