The cast, Han Hyo Joo, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jun Ho and director (Cho Ui Seok) of the movie, ‘Cold Eyes’ visited Singapore on Friday 30th August for a special press conference, as Singapore is the first stop of their international promotional tour of the movie.

‘Cold Eyes’ will be opening in the country on Thursday, September 5th, and has exceeded 5.5 million admissions in Korea alone since it opened on 3rd of July this year. The movie has also been selected for the upcoming Toronto Festival which is also happening this month.

The cast and director attended a press conference which was held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Marina Bay Sands. The press conference began promptly at 3.30 PM.

The host started off the press conference with a question about Singapore:

Q: Share your first impression about Singapore.

JWS (Jung Woo Sung): This is my first visit to Singapore, I am very happy to be here for the promotional tour and I hope that this visit could be meaningful and very fun.

HHJ (Han Hyo Joo): It is my second time being in Singapore. I am very happy to be here with the new movie. It is going to be a fun trip and I had an amazing night the day before and I hope it will be good. Nice to meet all of you.

LJH (Lee Jun Ho): Hello, I’m Lee Jun Ho. I have visited Singapore a few times as a singer but this is the first time as an actor. I’m always happy here in Singapore and I hope that this will be a great trip.

Director Cho (Cho Ui Seok): This is my first time in Singapore. The city is very clean and beautiful and the people are very nice and polite.

Q: Since the Director, HHJ and JWS arrived the day before, did they have a chance to experience or visit some places in the country?

JWS: We went to a famous seafood restaurant and tried the Chili Crab. Since they are staying at Marina Bay Sands, they went up to the famous infinity pool and they spent their night at the bar in Marina Bay Sands and had some champagne.

HHJ: I had a lot of fun. I hope that next time, I will be in Singapore for a holiday instead of work and I think I would have a lot more fun here.

Q: Jun Ho came to Singapore before, what was memorable about the last trip?

LJH: About 2-3 years ago, Together with the 2PM members, we came to Singapore to film our Music Video for Hands Up. I am reminded of the beautiful scenery and city that I had fun filming the video and it was a great experience.

Q: We would like to encourage Director Cho to come to Singapore again to film some scenes for his future films.

Director Cho: I felt that the streets are very well maintained so it would probably fun to have an action movie but I heard that smoking is not allowed here, so I’m not sure how it would turn out.

(His comment made the attendees laugh -the host explained that smoking is allowed only in designated areas)

Q: We understand that Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung didn’t see the full script before decided to star in the movie. We would like to know why they decided to participate in the movie.

JWS: When I saw the scenario, the plot was rather complete for me to decide what kind of character it is so that allowed me to decide whether I wanted to do it and I actually really, really liked character which is why I ended up taking up this role.

HHJ: When I first read the scenario I felt that the plot was very interesting and it is definitely an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss. Looking at this particular character, it is something that I’ve never tried before so I thought that I could present more of my acting skills and approach my audience in a new perspective so that’s why I ended up this role.

Q: For Woo Sung, it is also his first time taking up this kind of role (villain). Did he have some hesitation to play the role?

JWS: I had no hesitation at all, probably because I really liked the tension that this character, James created in this movie. So I really wanted to try myself, how this character develops over the movie and I really wanted this particular role as instead of the character Seol Gyung Gu played which was more of a realistic role in the movie, the character James is unrealistic so I didn’t have any hesitation in playing a villain.

Q: As this role is very different from the other roles that JWS has played before, is this a new direction in his career that he is taking right now? (Taking up more action roles)

JWS: Not just my character but I believe that for the movie as well, it is a huge step in the industry. It is not very easy to film a movie like this in the city of Seoul where it is a cosmopolitan and very busy. So in terms of the movie itself, we took a big initiative and I think that this resulted in a very good movie so I am very proud as an actor in this movie. I am also proud for Korean movie industry that this movie is available for all audiences outside of Korea as well. I feel that this movie had a huge breakthrough in the Korean movie industry.

Q: Will JWS keep his moustache for a long time? (because fans find him handsome and sexy)

JWS: I grew out my facial hair for a new movie that I am currently participating in. I actually wanted to look clean for all my Singaporean fans but because of this movie, I couldn’t but if you like this look, thank you very much.

Q: For HHJ, this role in Cold Eyes is also very different for her compared to the roles that she has played before like in Brilliant Legacy. Was this role challenging in any way for HHJ?

HHJ: Instead of challenging, I had a lot of fun memories while filming this movie so I don’t have any particular challenge, but I think that the character Ha Yoon Joo is a little bit like me, so I can portray the character naturally in this movie.

Following the press conference, the crew attended a fanmeet at Jurong Point to meet their fans.

cr : officially kmusic


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