[Interview] “I’d rather exercise than get plastic surgery” – Han Hyo Joo

Korean actress Han Hyo-Joo, who visited Singapore last week to promote the film “Cold Eyes,” looks nothing like her photo on Google Images. For one thing, her hair’s a lot shorter now, just barely skimming her perfect jawline. For another, she’s got a perfectly dewy complexion – the type that no camera can capture judiciously. But more striking, perhaps, were Hyo-Joo’s eyes, which sparkled with laughter when we asked whether she could confirm reports that she can dilate her pupils on command (alas, it appears those claims were exaggerated).

As if being the female lead in a Korean blockbuster weren’t enough responsibility, Hyo-Joo has also been appointed as the newest brand ambassador for 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™, a line of contact lenses designed to make Asian eyes look more vibrant and expressive.

Granted, Hyo-Joo‘s the last person who needs enhancers of any kind. The lights in the Marina Bay Sands hotel room where XINMSN met Han Hyo-Joo last week might have been dim, but cliché as it sounds, Hyo-Joo lit up the room with her unusual beauty.

Unusual, albeit unnatural? Korean stars are notoriously associated with cosmetic surgery, but Hyo-Joo quickly dismissed the subject.

“I always feel that natural beauty is most important,” she said. “You have to convince yourself that being more natural is the most beautiful. I don’t want people to keep changing for their appearance.”

And when it comes to going plastic….

“Hmmm, I’d rather just exercise,” she said.

No plastic surgery, then. Glad we got that awkwardness out of the way. So if not the knife, then what’s her secret to being pretty? Despite her good looks, Hyo-Joo seemed hesitant to talk about what it takes to maintain them.

“I try to be very free, easy-going, and natural. Actually, I am that type of person,” she said. “But people’s opinions can create pressure. Being how I am might not align with the type of actress they are expecting.”

We took that to mean the reputation actresses have for being high-maintenance. If you were born with good looks, you have the responsibility to maintain them. Apply sheet masks several times a week, massage your face before sleeping, get expensive facials, and so forth. But not Hyo-Joo.

“I don’t use many products,” she said, when asked if she partakes in the infamously long Korean skincare routine. “I don’t think it even matters. You need to find the right regimen for yourself.”

Hers is pretty simple: as an actress, she prioritises her skin as she’s subjected to a lot of close-ups. But she’s content to stop at BB Cream, which she called her “must-have” beauty item.

cr : lifestyle


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