[News] Cold Eyes Movie Gala Premiere – Press Conference

1 September 2013 – The press conference for Cold Eyes movie premiere was held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on 30th August with the attendance of its casts and director.

Cold Eyes is the first Korean movie to have its international gala premiere outside of Korea.

The press conference started off with casual questions from the host about how the casts have enjoyed Singapore. Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo revealed that they had their dinner at a seafood restaurant and they enjoyed it a lot. 2PM’s Lee Jun Ho shared that his group members and himself had a lot of fun, and loved the night scenery when they came to Singapore to film their ‘Hands Up’ music video.

Director Cho Ui Seok also pointed out the difficulties in filming locations and about how this movie is going to be a big step for future movie makers.

“In terms of difficulties, it’s hard to get approval to shoot in certain areas in Seoul. That is the hardest part for Korean movie makers. Previously in other movies that are based in Seoul in plot, directors will take their shoot elsewhere instead. This is the first time that they had a lot of their locations based in seoul so this brought up the question of ‘Why haven’t we tried it after all these while?’ but thanks to the great producers that we had, we were very privileged to have all the Seoul locations in our film. Also, it’s going to a big step for other movie makers because they can now consider Seoul as their sets in their movies.” – Cho Ui Seok

Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo also mentioned that they took on their roles without fully reading the script. Jung Woo Sung said that because he read the first part of the script and felt that his character in the movie is very intense therefore, felt intrigued by it.

“I think that every character that I’m involved with is special and unique in its own way. There was a calling for every character that I’ve played. It is a good stepping stone for me.” – Jung Woosung

As for Han Hyo Joo, the moment she took on the role, she went to action school regularly to get ready for the scenes in the movie. she even tried on wigs to see how she can create her character who is a rookie cop. In the end, she decided to just cut her hair for the role.

“I didn’t really force myself to be like the character in the original film but more of making myself into the character that’s created for Cold Eyes.” – Han Hyojoo

Lee Jun Ho mentioned that his members gave him a lot of support and encouragement throughout the filming. He also said there aren’t many differences from being a singer or actor. It’s just that when he’s a singer, he’s part of his group, 2PM, where the members and himself will always be together at all times. As an actor, He’s standing alone as the actor, Lee Jun Ho. Cold Eyes being his debut film, he made sure to learn everything he could from his seniors.

“I learnt everything from my seniors. Even the very littlest of details. In this movie I was on set officially as an actor so everything is new to me. So I really learnt everything I could there. I asked myself how it would be like if I were playing the roles of other seniors that they’re playing in the film. It was a good learning experience.” – Lee Jun Ho

KAvenyou would like to thank Purple Plan and Golden Village for the invitation to the Cold Eyes Gala Premiere – Press Conference.

Article by: Shawna @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Shawna and Xiaosi @ KAvenyou


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