[English] Cold Eyes interview with Yongnam.com – Han Hyo Joo

In “ Cold Eyes”, Han Hyo Joo transformed into police woman.

– Recently, the accumulated a movie, comedy, situational drama, Japanese drama series such as the experience of various genres, for the acting seems to produce a certain degree of self confidence.

“If not the self confidence, the acting is also much more fun. Previously in unknowingly (For the acting) felt a lot of burden. But now gradually felt the joy of acting. Really has a happy experience”.

– Let us listen to the tasted acting to the taste of story.

“Compared to that, it is better that I can enjoy and become like (acting) process. It could be said that to be used to it. To see a new staff, play a new role, as well as the end of filming, and because of the process become so familiar with a series of publicity, and that process so naturally relaxed. As a result, a surplus is also increased. Acting like that for a considerable so much helping. The first step of working site seems unfamiliar, its make inconvenient, because originally inconvenience site. But now even that kind of inconvenience can become uncomfortable accepting. In this way, acting naturally came out.”

– When Smile Binggrae contest , I was 17 years old, but how will go to participate?

“ Sorry, the registration form in curiously written, but do not know what will award . I was recognized the type of very shy student, but certain aspects of “shouting” style .Was also yelling. At that time caused my people born 180 degrees change.
Beginning no friends, a man considered decision. After winning in the General Assembly, photographs appeared in magazines, friends were surprised at the same time also particularly regret.
Why is it said that before. (Laughs). “

Is there usually consideration to become artists?

“No at all. in Internet Conference announcement banners the Chance to see rises. The contest time with the summer time was coincides. I do no know why if I have to go, it seems very interesting and curious at the name. But, soon afterwards the phone. Were living at the local (Qing Zhou), but emerged with 02 telephone numbers beginning. “What “ah”? did not come to me from Seoul case ah …” said as he answered the phone, as connected, said they had to come to Seoul. then Why candidates, have the guts to do what I have to now do not know. “

Now become an actor, what do you think?

“Now is too good. In fact, at that time felt quite confused. Because they do not know why start to this work, also don’t know what you want to be. But it felt like dream and start the work, while performing various work, while the specific dream become an actor. “

Want to be what kind actor?

“First of all want to become an actor can play longer. And through the works often share the growing appearance say. First, because I am 20 years old, should be the best at this age role properly melt into the works, there are 30, 40 years old, would like to visit the public to look. In that case, first of all should be what they needed an actor. “

– As example to people (role model)?

“Not as example to people, like the actor considerable.”

– Through various works all show is elegant and easy image, the actual character?

“The images in his works are all some of heart. Create no face to see what will be seen. So it must be said that there is no face and nothing. I think I might not have feminine taste. Although the easy-going but strange, as if a bright but sometimes melancholy. In fact, who has that kind of double-sided, isn’t it. “

– like

to the movie title, artist is always in the public eye, watched the position.

“The most recent is serious. Mobile phone function developed, now go do what all can know. But like all idea of difference. If you think it is that surveillance, although not to the outside, but if it’s not monitor but is concerned to this way of thinking is different. It became “someone to care about”. “The idea. In fact, who are not monitored and monitored? The ideas change slightly if you feel relaxed. Frankly, I went outside, also can’t be recognized. (laughter.) “

You make me feel is full of loving parent growth. You become artists, what the family think about that?

“I got a lot of love from their parents grew up. Mother is preschool education professional current teacher. Parents are not particularly opposed, but very worried. But now , actively cheered for me. There is also a younger brother, absolutely no friends that I do, said the trouble. (laughter.) “

– How to do too?

“Like food, then go to the movies or sports. Department of Dermatology, still go , no leakage. “

– what’s next?

” I don’t have any plan.I want to play but haven’t find a good script”

– What genre or role do you hope to find?

Quite a lot. If you see a good movie, all I want to do. Recently felt as if time is too short. So we want to 20 years to do a lot of work. The drama Idol or realistic sense of romantic comedy as well. For example , as

that coffee prince. In any case want to play. “

– From the debut until now did not seem to experience significant difficulties. It may also be luck, but also can be seen as a result of efforts.

“Has been in the framework without the large deviation , law-abiding efforts. That is the character. Want to do something big challenge, also let the heart some to grasp the rational. Therefore seems to be perfect to live. Of course there are bored, there always seems to be a day have a decisive escape once that framework moment. I think maybe 30 years old or something. “


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