[News] ‘Cold Eyes’ releases special movie posters to thank fans for support

With the burgeoning popularity of South Korean movie ‘Cold Eyes’, the production company has decided to thank fans for their support with the release of 2 special movie posters.

‘Cold Eyes’ broke 1 million admissions in just 4 days, 2 million in 7 days, 3 million in 11 days, and saw its accumulated admissions numbering 4.5 million after 3 weeks of airing, and signs are pointing to it growing even further in the coming days.

In one of the special posters, Sol Kyung Gu, Jung Woo Sung, Han Hyo Joo, and 2PM’s Junho are seen giving the thumbs up as they smile radiantly for the cameras. They are seen standing shoulder to shoulder, and their happy demeanour was testament to their great chemistry and teamwork as shown in the actual movie.

In the other special poster, the 4 of them are seen posing with hordes of fans in the background, as they bask in the support and love from the latter. The passion shown by fans and the boundless energy showed by the cast members allowed one to feel the immense popularity of ‘Cold Eyes’.

‘Cold Eyes’ revolves around a specialized surveillance team in the police department which seeks to apprehend a crime group that is led by James (Jung Woo Sung). The movie premiered in theatres from July 3rd, and is now in the midst of screening.

cr : yahoo


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