[News] 130718 ‘Cold Eyes’ continues to lead at South Korean box office


South Korean movie ‘Cold Eyes’ led by Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo continues to show its dominance at the local box office despite facing a formidable rival in ‘Mr. Go’.

According to statistics released by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) today, ‘Cold Eyes’ had 114,383 ticket admissions for July 17th, which saw it topped the box office chart for 3 weeks in a row. It’s total accumulated admissions now stands at 3,900,251 as they look to break the 4 million mark.

‘Cold Eyes’ revolves around a hidden criminal organization that leaves no traces of its activities behind and the surveillance team of a special crime unit that seeks to hunt them down. The movie is described as a big budget action flick that offers viewers a rare glimpse on how surveillance teams work behind the scenes and the criminals who elude them with smart and nifty tricks. Their face-off from start to finish serves as the biggest highlight of the entire movie.

It was no easy feat for ‘Cold Eyes’ to top the box office chart, and was achieved despite strong competition from ‘Mr. Go’ which attracted 94,916 admissions to place second.

‘Mr. Go’ was aired 4,151 times at 840 cinema screens on its opening day, while ‘Cold Eyes’ was shown 3,109 times at 597 cinema screens, but the latter was still able to outlast its rival by 19,467 admissions. ‘Mr. Go’ had a big-scale preview screening, while costs for the creation of its gorilla character came up to 120 billion Korean won, but ‘Cold Eyes’ still came out on top in the end.

Meanwhile, Hollywood movie ‘Pacific Rim’ attracted 87,325 admissions, and saw its accumulated admissions clocking in at 1,692,673, and placed third. ‘World War Z’ was fourth with 29,938 admissions yesterday, taking its accumulated admissions to 4,996,520 and is now looking forward to breaking the 5 million milestone. Lee Si Young’s horror movie ‘Killer Toon’ gained 9,888 admissions to place 5th, and saw its accumulated admissions rising to 1,130,786.

‘Cold Eyes’ might have come out on top in the first sparring match with ‘Mr. Go’, but with the weekend coming up where families come in droves to watch movies, it remains to be seen on who will be the final victor.

By: Lee Zhao Tam

cr : yahoo

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