[News] Celebrities support Legal Movie Download Campaign – Han Hyo Joo


Young Korean stars Lee Hyun-woo and Suzy have teamed up to provide support for a legitimate movie download campaign.

The two, along with movie stars Yoo Ji-tae, Cha Tae-hyun and Han Hyo-joo, have joined star supporters for the “Good Downloader Campaign,” a campaign promoting the downloading of content through legitimate routes, the campaign’s head office said in a press release Thursday.

Including the campaign’s co-chairmen Ahn Seong-gi and Park Joong-hun, the seven stars gathered together to participate in the shooting of the campaign’s new TV commercial Tuesday, under the concept of expressing gratitude for legit download service users.

“It has been five years since this campaign was established in 2009 when illegal downloading was most severe. I appreciate all these fellow actors who weren’t hesitant to join this campaign with no compensation,” co-chairmen Ahn and Park were quoted as saying.

The newly-filmed “Good Downloader” commercial will hit the big screen, cable TV channels and online screens starting in mid-August.


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