[News] Han Hyo Joo Showcases Her Artistic Talent

Han Hyo Joo's Animation

Actress Han Hyo Joo recently showcased her artistic skills, according to News Pim.

On July 15, Daum Mobile Morning Gallery featured some of her art animation. The 20-second animation clip is titled “Things That Make Han Hyo Joo Laugh.” It is a part of Daum’s “Art and Shake Project 2.”

Han Hyo Joo created two characters named Si Mong and Nae Mong with four cheerful episodes to depict things that make her laugh in her daily life.

Han Hyo Joo and writer Kwon Ki Soo, creator of “Dong Gu Ri,” are participating in Daum’s “Art and Shake Project” to spread inspiration and art culture through the mobile world. There is also a video on Youtube that shows them going through the creative process.

Their project, “Mobile Morning Gallery,” will continue until July 31.

What do you think of Han Hyo Joo’s drawings?

cr : soompi


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