[News] 130710 Over 2 million audience ‘Watchers’, pre- sale to 6 foreign countries


Over 2 million audience ‘Watchers’, pre- sale to 6 foreign countries
The movie ‘Watchers’, which has had over 2 million audience in 7 days since the premiere became pre-sold to six foreign countries.

According to Movie Company House on 9th, ‘Watchers’ pre-sold the airline tickets from the out port company of Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei in the film market that was open in the 66th Cannes International Movie Festival. This is the achievement in Cannes film market on last May, which is even before the completion of the movie, thus gathering attention.

Movie Company House said that the foreign buyers and staffs who got in contact with ‘Watchers’ had interest in the star casting of Seol Kyung-Ku, Jung Woo-Sung, Han Hyo-Joo, Lee Jun-Ho and others, and the novel theme which is about the spying specialization, and the lively things to watch, which were set in middle of Seoul. The movie is currently getting heated interest from China, Taiwan, North America, and Europe and other countries, so the additional foreign sale is looked upon positively. [사진=영화사 집]

cr : innolife


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