[News] 130708 ‘Cold Eyes’ on course to break 2 million ticket admissions


According to statistics released by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), ‘Cold Eyes’ attracted 499,545 ticket admissions for July 7th, and brought its total accumulated admissions to 1,784,168.

‘Cold Eyes’ had been highly anticipated even prior to its premiere on July 3rd, and they had even brought forward their premiere by one day to accommodate their fans. ‘Cold Eyes’ easily ascended to the top of the box office on its opening days and had many highlights that fans were looking out for. Among them was Jung Woo Sung’s first attempt at being a villain, Han Hyo Joo transformation into an actor star, Sol Kyung Gu’s solid acting, and 2PM’s Junho making his big screen debut.

Hollywood movie ‘World War Z’ led by Brad Pitt who also had a hand in producing it, managed to draw 220,167 ticket admissions for yesterday, and bringing its total admissions thus far to 4,277,823. This movie also marks Brad Pitt’s best performance among his works in South Korea.

‘Lone Ranger’ (Sony Pictures Walt Disney Studios Korea) which was led by Johnny Depp and his ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ staff, attracted 76,664 admissions, and brought its total admissions to 2,510,777 thus far.

‘Killer Toon’ which starred Lee Si Young and directed by Kim Young Kyoon drew 64,006 ticket admissions on July 7th, and bringing its total admissions thus far to 871,209. It also became the highest grossing horror movie of the year thus far, and is on course to break the million mark.

With the popularity of ‘Cold Eyes’, we are looking forward to seeing how upcoming movie ‘Mister Go’ will fare at the cinemas when it begins airing from July 17th.

By: Lee Zhao Tam

cr : koreastardaily

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