[Interview] Junho on M magazine about Han Hyo Joo

Part of Junho interview with M magazine that related with Hyo Joo 🙂

Q : It’s your first time acting but you seem very experience.

“Ah, I’m really blessed (laughs). After watching the movie, I was worried that it’d be really awkward whenever I appear, especially during the scene where Squirrel and Ha Yoon Ju (Hyo Joo) meets for the first time. Whenever Squirrel speaks, there’s supposed to be a moment where Ha Yoon Ju takes it in and reacts to it, but it seems like I was too rushed. When we were filming that scene, I thought that if I acted it out exactly like having a conversation in reality, with one person speaking directly after another then it will flow naturally. Acting it out exactly like it is in reality does not necessarily show good acting techniques, but during filming, I didn’t understand that.”

Q : In the film, Squirrel seems to receive a lot of love from the surveillance team, and at the filming set is looks like you are also receiving a lot of love from your sunbaes.

Kyung Gu sunbae, Hyo Joo noona, and other seniors were there to look after me in every aspect. We all become one at the table when we went drinking together and naturally became closer.”

Q : Why do you only call Jung Woo Sung sunbae?
“How I address my seniors were set by them from our first encounter. During the dinner gathering of the film’s main actors, Kyung Gu hyung said to me, “Just call me hyung.” Jung Woo Sung sunbae never said anything similar… Hyo Joo noona and I are only two years apart by age, so I just address her as noona.”

Director of Cold Eyes Jo Ui Seok about Junho :
He isn’t nervous in performing live in front of thousands of people due to experience, but when he was acting in front of Han Hyo Joo and Jung Woo Sung, he was really nervous.”

Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways


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