[News] New Actioner “Cold Eyes” Soars to Top of Weekend Box Office


New Korean action flick “Cold Eyes” caught a number of Korean moviegoers’ eyes over the weekend, putting an end to two weeks’ reign of Brad Pitt’s “World War Z.”

The crime action movie made an impressive debut atop the Korean weekend box office with over 1.34 million admissions during the weekend of July 6 to 7, according to the Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) Monday.

Co-starring beloved movie stars Seol Kyung-ku, Jung Woo-sung and Han Hyo-joo, K-pop idol Junho of 2PM made a successful big screen debut with “Cold Eyes,” centering around a special surveillance task force in the police trying to round up a mythical criminal.

Hollywood zombie blockbuster “World War Z,” the movie’s hero Brad Pitt’s self-produced feature, slid down to the No. 2 spot on the box office after drawing in over 630,000 cinemagoers during the same time frame.

Barely making it into third place was Johnny Depp’s new family action adventure “The Lone Ranger,” which attracted some 200,000 audiences on opening weekend.

Accordingly, Korean horror pic “Killer Toon” fell to fourth place with some 190,000 tickets sold, and Kim Soo-hyun’s box office hit “Secretly Greatly” rounded off the top five after more than 110,000 moviegoers watched it over the weekend.

Other much-beloved movies were U.S. action drama “White House Down,” Chinese animated pic “The Adventures of Jinbao,” brand-new Superman installation “Man of Steel,” 3D-reopened SF action “Jurassic Park” and long-running animated comedy “The Croods.”

cr : tenasia

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