[News] Gang Dong-Won, going public with his appearance on VIP preview ‘Cold Eyes’

The actor Gang Dong-Won’s recent day went public and became an issue.

Gang Dong-Won’s appearance on VIP preview ‘Cold Eyes’ went public.

After watching ‘Cold Eyes’ through the VIP preview, Gang Dong-Won said “It is so thrilling and shows tension well.” Song Hye-Gyo said “The actors are so nice”, and Gong-Yoo said “The sensiful and delicate shoot is so good”. In addition, through video clip, Gang Dong-Won still shows off his neat flower boy appearance, unlike his recently released plump and gaunt figure.

The movie ‘Cold Eyes’ is a crime action film which draws the breathtaking chase of professional watchers who chase a criminal organization whose trace and identification is nowhere. Although it released in Wednesday, one day before announced, it is a box office hit, like achieving the best opening score in films which released at the first week on July.

Meanwhile, Gang Dong Won who showed his recent state through ‘Cold Eyes’ VIP preview is now filming the movie ‘Goon-Do: Age of The Rampant’.

cr : innolife

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