[News] ‘Cold Eyes’ Han Hyo-joo says she spent three weeks to shoot one action scene


Han Hyo-joo showed her enthusiasm towards filming by revealing that she spent over three weeks to shoot one action scene in the film ‘Cold Eyes’

On the 3rd of July, Han Hyo-joo attended the interview session for the upcoming film Cold Eyes where she said “I was a little sad because there was only one action scene for me in the entire film. I also felt a huge burden since one action scene meant that I should be able to shoot a perfect one. So I spent the entire three weeks in the ‘Action School’ to make sure that I’m completely prepared”.

For the question about Jung Woo-sung she said “I thought Jung Woo-sung is a perfect actor. ‘Perfect’ in the sense always flawless like a machine. But after working with him I realized that he is a very humane person who also make mistakes at times just like the others”.

Meanwhile, ‘Cold Eyes’ is a film about the struggling policemen who are on the intense track of the offender who bearly leaves any trace.

cr : kofan


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