[News] Cold Eyes doesn’t blink at box office – Han Hyo Joo


Cold Eyes 감시자들, the South Korean remake of Hong Kong thriller Eye in the Sky 跟蹤 (2007), had a 51.4% market share of its domestic box office yesterday.

In the film, HAN Hyo-ju 한효주 | 韓孝珠, plays a new female recruit with perfect memory who joins the South Korean police force’s Special Crime Department, which specialises in surveillance.

Co-directed by CHO Eui-seok 조의석 and director of photography KIM Byeong-seo 김병서 | 金丙書, the cast includes popular actors SEOL Gyeong-gu 설경구 | 薛景求 and JEONG U-seong 정우성 | 鄭雨成.

In five days, including limited previews, the police thriller has sold 1,784,157 tickets for a box office gross of ₩13.1 billion (US$11.3 million). Produced by Zip Cinema Co Ltd 영화사 집, it is distributed by Next Entertainment World NEW.

Over the three-day weekend, second-placed World War Z added ₩4.72 billion (US$4.10 million), for a current gross of ₩31.8 billion (US$27.6 million) on 4.28 million admissions since opening 20 Jun.

Gore VERBINSKI ‘s The Lone Ranger , released on Thursday, has made only ₩1,83 billion (US$1.59 million) in four days with just 251,777 admissions. It’s daily market share has remained below 10%.

Still on release, South Korean spy action-comedy Secretly Greatly 은밀하게 위대하게 has now taken ₩48.0 billion (US$41.6 million) since opening on 5 Jun with 6.86 million admissions.

Hong Kong thrillers have become a source of high-concept ideas for South Korean movies. A Better Tomorrow 무적자 (2010) was a remake of the John WOO 吳宇森 classic. CHOI Dong-hoon 최동훈 | 崔東勳 has reportedly picked up remake rights of Overheard 竊聽風雲 (2009).

In Hong Kong, Eye in the Sky made HK$4.14 million (US$534,000) after 25 days in cinemas. On simultaneous release in China, it made approximately double that.

cr : filmbitz



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