[Interview] Cold Eyes cast Interview with Naver – Han Hyo Joo


Just a part translation 🙂

~ In ‘Brilliant Legacy’, gained “people”

For ‘Brilliant Legacy’, in terms of ratings, it garnered fantastic results which were difficult to be repeated. However, compared with the drama itself, what’s more important is that I’ve gained Seung Gi and Chae Won, these few precious same age friends. The opportunities to work with seniors are in the majority, but it’s really rare to be with same age friends. Growing together with me, in togetherness making the story line very substantial, I’m truly thankful. Being actor colleagues, the feeling is very different. They’re friends whom I wish to give my support to, in no matter what they do from now on.

Ah! The last time Seung Gi also talked a little about me in his interview right? Shall I match it, try to match it?

Although I’m putting it this way, how can there be such a thing? My viewpoint is also the same, working hard together. Of course, Seung Gi was also in a nervous state at that time. However, looking at his dramas now, he’s really very good. in ‘The King 2 Hearts’, he shone brightly and ‘구가의 서’ was also very interesting.

The cast of ‘Brilliant Legacy’, we’re the type who meet twice a year. We also got together at the beginning of the year. After ‘Love 911’ (A South Korean movie which Han Hyo Joo starred in) was shown, I even said to Seung Gi, “Should we work together once again?”. Seung Gi also thought that it’s a good idea and even debated over this with me. If there’s a chance next time, I would like to work on a project together once more. It will be rather nice if it’s a project with unique and interesting content. What does everyone think? If there’s a great piece of work, please do recommend it~~!

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