[News] ‘Cold Eyes’ tops South Korean box office on opening day


South Korea movie ‘Cold Eyes’ starring Sol Kyung Gu, Jung Woo Sung, and Han Hyo Joo managed to attract 210,000 ticket admissions to lead the local box office on its opening day.

According to statistics released by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) today, ‘Cold Eyes’ had topped the local box office chart with 210,064 ticket admissions for July 3rd which was its opening day.

‘Cold Eyes’ revolves around a hidden criminal organization that leaves no traces of its activities behind and the surveillance team of a special crime unit that seeks to hunt them down. The movie is described as a big budget action flick that offers viewers a rare glimpse on how surveillance teams work behind the scenes and the criminals who elude them with smart and nifty tricks. Their face-off from start to finish serves as the biggest highlight of the entire movie.

Jung Woo Sung is attempting his first role as a villain, Han Hyo Joo is attempting her first action role, Sol Kyung Gu seeks to ditch his Kang Chul Jung image from his ‘Public Enemy’ movie series, while 2PM’s Junho makes his first acting debut. And with that, the 4 have come together to lift ‘Cold Eyes’ to the top of the box office chart.

Hollywood movie ‘World War Z’ who has been hogging the top spot since its release, had to retreat to second place behind ‘Cold Eyes’. But it still managed to draw 108,272 ticket admissions for yesterday, and bringing its total admissions thus far to 3,557,823.

‘Killer Toon’ meanwhile came in 3rd place with 43,083 ticket admissions on July 3rd, and bringing its total admissions thus far to 643,202.

cr : yahoo


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