[Audio] 130701 Han Hyo Joo and Junho on MBC’s Blue Night

Brief summary from the interview :

Junho mentioned his hobby is driving on a good weather. (DJ mentioned how cool that is, and Hyoo said Junho has sense for that). Junho really likes driving. But because of his busy schedule, he last drove 1 year ago! Junho owns 2 motorbikes, and 1 is a scooter, both DJ and Hyo Joo mentioned their worries and asked Junho to be careful.

When DJ asked Hyo Joo, she said that she’s more comfortable riding on scooter caused it seems more safe etc etc, Junho said “Oh, ok, understood, let’s ride it once”, then Hyo Joo said “but not riding together though”, and Junho replied “but I want to ride together”

Junho & Han Hyo Joo called themselves as 싱글벙글 (shingle-bonggle ~ it’s a mixed reduplication which means ‘smiley’ or ‘smilingly’) ~ Hyo Joo: “Shinggle”, and Junho continue saying “Bonggle” =D

Junho and Hyo Joo met for the first time through this ‘Cold Eyes’ movie. DJ asked Hyo Joo what’s her first impression towards Junho, and she said it was “Who does he resembles to…?” and he seems like an ‘Oppa’ before he called her Nuna. Junho told us cause he knows Hyo Joo is older than him, so he came to Hyo Joo and ask if they can speak casually, during a meal, then suddenly Hyo Joo’s spoon dropped cause she was too surprised.. (kkk). Junho came to call her “Nuna~~” and Hyo Joo said “You called me Nuna??” surprisedly. Hyo Joo mentioned it was actually a relief cause she was always the youngest one before this. She told us about how Junho came to her and carefully asked “You are nuna right?” and she answered “Ah so I’m Nuna… (kkk Hyo Joo assumed him older than her before)

unho mentioned his first impression towards Hyo Joo was “delicate”, “bright” and “beautiful”… but actually Junho used “was beautiful”, so after Hyo Joo seems touched and said “Oh really?”, he fastly said, “but I used past tense”
lol he teased her.

Hyo Joo explains why he thought Junho was ‘Oppa’ at first ~ not because of his look, but more cause of his behavior and actions ♥ and later again stressing it is not because of his look.

cr : transcription by Wawa @SmilingEyes

One thought on “[Audio] 130701 Han Hyo Joo and Junho on MBC’s Blue Night

  1. Have a drama together please..

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