[Photo] 130629 Cold Eyes stage greeting at Busan – Han Hyo Joo

Cold Eyes cast and the director attends free Outdoor Movie Screenings at Busan Cinema Center on June 29. The event held due of great response from the audience. After they all together see the movie, Cold Eyes cast held a stage greeting.


Before the stage greeting, they pose for the fans =D

DSC00505 DSC00509 DSC00513 cold.eyes.2013.hdw_1920x1080 DSC00517 DSC00518 DSC00529 BN6xDT2CYAAD44O.jpg large BN6xulCCQAA5CoS.png large BN7Q4vPCAAEczkB.jpg large CAM00121 1372515219809 b58f8c5494eef01fad5ad051e1fe9925bd317ddc BN6q08RCUAA6aJX.jpg large BN6xDT2CYAAD44O 0df3d7ca7bcb0a46b7bd43ad6a63f6246a60af83

cr : dchhj,cold eyes twitter,baiduhhj


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