[INFO] Five Fun Facts About Han Hyo Joo


At 26, actress Han Hyo Joo is adding another role to her already impressive career by playing a rookie detective in the film “Cold Eyes.” She also recently made headlines by donating $30,000 to the Beautiful Foundation, a charity that cares for senior citizens. Han has a special fondness for causes that benefit senior citizens because she has fond memories of her grandparents.

Here are a few more facts you may not know about her.

1. She has had an enviable list of male co-stars. The actress starred with Lee Jun Ki in the drama “Iljimae,” was matched with JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong in the Korean-Japanese production “Heaven’s Postman,” played queen to Lee Byung Hun’s king in the film “Gwanghae,” starred with So Ji Sub in the drama “Always,” and won Lee Seung Gi’s heart in “Brilliant Legacy.” And now she is in “Cold Eyes” with Jung Woo Sung.

“I was lucky as an actress to have such great acting partners,” said Han, but she refused to list a favorite. There is one young actor though that she would still like to act with.

“I saw an episode of “Missing You” and found Yoo Seung Ho to be very appealing,” said Han. “If I get the chance, I would be honored.”

Yoo Seung Ho just enlisted for military duty but he may want to put co-starring with Han Hyo Joo on his “To Do” list for when he gets out.

2.  While she won’t say which leading man was her favorite, she will say which scene with a leading man was. Her favorite took place in “Masquerade” and involved holding hands with Lee Byung Hun. When she saw the scene it made her happy.

“My heart fluttered at the sight of the two of us holding hands and running around with music playing in the background,” said Han. “When we were shooting we had to run for a long time and it was tiring but it was great to see how nicely the scene turned out.”

3. She finds it as easy to act in historical dramas as she does in modern pieces.

“They all have their own charms so it’s hard to choose,” said Han. “The clothing worn in modern pieces make it more comfortable to move around but the period pieces help an actress look more beautiful.”

4. She considers her off-screen life very ordinary.

“I like to cook and read and go on walks,” said Han. She also likes storytelling and films, especially Japanese films.

5. Singer Ivy and Han Hye Joo were roommates for four years when they were trainees. They got along well because they knew not to impose on each other.

“She likes artistic indie movies and indie bands,” said Ivy. “Once, I didn’t understand the movie we were watching, so I just left.”

“We had fun together,” said Han. “But we knew enough to give each other personal space.”

cr : kdramastars


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