[News] Han Hyo Joo makes a donation for seniors & youths in financial difficulties


Han Hyo Joo’s recent donation is becoming a hot issue.

On June 21st, actress Han Hyo Joo donated 10 million KRW to a summer donation campaign.

The program that Han Hyo Joo made her donation to is a campaign that provides fans and summer blankets to seniors who are living alone.

The campaign started last week, and it is said that Han Hyo Joo willingly made a donation after hearing about what the campaign does.

In addition, Han Hyo Joo donated extra 20 million KRW to support rehabilitation of seniors and youths who are in financial difficulties.

Han Hyo Joo sent a handwritten letter and a picture that she drew, and said, “I feel embarrassed, but I hoped that more people will get to know about this campaign because of me. I hope to help more people in the future.”

She went on, “I also hope seniors and children who are in financial difficulties will be able to continue their life by many other people’s supports.”

Netizens who heard the news left comments, such as “She is so great”, “What a great news to hear”, and “Her heart is as pretty as her face.”

Reporting by Oh jin ju en@starnnews.com