[news] Jung Woo Sung highly praises Han Hyo Joo’s acting


On June 19th, a media day event of movie ‘The Watchers’ was held at a restaurant in Dosun-dong of Seoul, and Seol Kyung Gu, Jung Woo Sung, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Jun Ho, directors Cho Eui Seok, and Kim Byung Seo attended.

During the event, Jung Woo Sung said, “I always wanted to work with Seol Kyung Gu for a long time, but I had no chance. Just like I’ve never had a chance to work with Lee Jung Jae after ‘There Is No Sun’, I had no chance to work with Seol Kyung Gu.”

He went on, “I got a call from Seol Kyung Gu when I was having an advertisement shooting in a different country. I just thought he called to say hello, but he told me that we will be working together in movie ‘The Watchers. I was so excited.”

Jung Woo Sung also said, “Han Hyo Joo did such a great job in the movie. No matter how hard Seol Kyung Gu and I tried, it would’ve been useless if there was no good actress. Han Hyo Joo is the muse in this movie.”

Regarding Lee Jun Ho, Jung Woo Sung said, “His character is the only one that gives an emotional touch. He did a great job even though it was his first time to cast in a movie.”

On the other hand, movie ‘The Watchers’ will be released on July 4th.

cr : sg entertainment


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