[NEWS] Jung Woo sung, Han Hyo joo, and 2PM Junho to be special guests in Running Man


[by Cho Suyoun] The main casts of a new film ‘Cold Eyes’ are appearing in entertainment program Running Man as special guests.
The Cold Eyes’ is a newest film about professional surveillants chasing after the biggest criminal organization. The film made a hot issue on portal website as it casts the hottest stars, Jung Woo sung, Han Hyo joo, and 2PM Junho.

On coming June 23 and 30, these three casts will be appearing in the hottest variety program ‘Running Man.’ As it is known that these three stars will become the special guests, audiences are already waiting for them to watch on TV screen. 
The theme of the episode will be about ‘surveillants’ just like the film and these three actors will chase after Running Man crew. The film will be released on coming July 4, 2013. (photo by Two Rabbit, 1st Look)
cr : bntnews

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