News ~ Kim Jun Ho makes a surprise fan meeting with Han Hyo Joo


Kim Jun Ho and Han Hyo Joo had a surprise fan meeting.

On June 8th, KBS 2TV ‘Human Condition’ showed Park Sung Ho, Kim Jun Ho, Jung Tae Ho, Kim Jun Hyun, Huh Kyung Hwan, and Yang Sang Guk meeting someone that they want to become friends with.

During the broadcast, Kim Jun Ho did everything he can to meet Han Hyo Joo, who he as been a fan for, and he even made a post on her SNS.

Kim Jun Ho heard that Han Hyo Joo will be attending an awards ceremony, and he went to have a short meeting with her, wearing tuxedo.

Kim Jun Ho led the atmosphere smoothly with his humorous character, and said, “I’ve been a fan of yours since ‘Great Expectation’.”

As Kim Jun Ho gifted Han Hyo Joo a candle, and Han Hyo Joo made Kim Jun Ho happy by saying, “I also prepared a candle for you.”

cr : yahoo


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