Cold Eyes / Stakeout behind the scenes story | Han Hyo Joo


“Cold Eyes” starring Han Hyo-joo, Seol Kyeong-gu, Jeong Woo-seong and 2PM Junho is highly anticipated by many fans. Director Jo Eui-seok said, “I thought of Seol Kyeong-gu when I wrote this. I knew he was just the right one to star in and I couldn’t ask for more when he said yes. In the role of Chief Hwang, a rational and strong leader, Seol Kyeong-gu apparently decided to star in the movie as soon as he heard that Han Hyo-joo and Jeong Woo-seong were on board. He also took interest to the role of Hwang who was a police officer with a hidden identity and just watched his suspects.

Junho had been cast after three auditions. He appeared at the audition as a rookie actor and not an idol singer. He acted with passion even though his arm was in a cast and earned the agreement of all the staff. Kim Byeong-seo said, “Junho is just an actor in the movie. The character of ‘Squirrel’ will breathe life, thanks to him”.

“Cold Eyes” is being released on the 4th of July.


credit: hancinema


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