NEWS ~ Jeong Woo Seong and Han Hyo Joo, “When you see 2PM Joon Ho’s acting, you will be surprised”


There was the production conference of movie ‘Observers’ held at Seoul Apgujeong CGV on May 4. Leading actor Seol Gyeong-Goo, Jeong Woo-Seong, Han Hyo-Joo and director Jo Ui-Seok and Kim Byeong-Seo attended. 2PM’s Lee Joon-Ho, who is making debut on the screen through the movie couldn’t attend the event because of his schedule in Japan, but other actors’ praises on him showed that his work is good.

Jeong Woo-Seong said, “Joon-Ho was very earnest. He didn’t complain at all even when he had to wait 8 hours. He thought that everything’s what he has to overcome. He carried on with his role and his work is big in the drama.” Han Hyo-Joo said, “Working with Joon-Ho went very well. I heard that it is his first time appearing on the movie, but he didn’t seem so.”

‘Observers’ is a movie about observing experts who are chasing after a crime organization who never leave a trace.

cr : innolife


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