[NEWS] Han Hyo Joo Wears Chanel for Vogue Girl

With Spring right around the corner, I thought it appropriate to feature Han Hyo Joo’s (Dong Yi, Heaven’s Postman, Love 911) latest photo shoot spread for Vogue Girl.

There’s no missing the spring vibe because the spread is teeming with girly vibe, flowers and Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Han Hyo Joo is an easy girl to love and you’ll fall in love with her more in this spread.


Spring/Summer 2013 seems to be big on checkered print. And this gorgeous pink puffed creation looks better on Han Hyo Joo than on the model, thanks to the saccharine sweet styling. Check out the plastic skirt layer of the skirt. Wouldn’t this be wonderful for rainy days?



I’ve always been fond of Korean over-the-top styling. They make it look so wearable. Han Hyo Joo dons a cropped top that clashed with the midi skirt (the model wore it as a top) and punctuated the look with two-tone pants.



Denim dresses can look infinitely more stylish when paired with a chic, colored, laminated lambskin coat.

Han-Hyo-Joo-Vogue-Girl3 Chanel-Spring-Summer-2013_Han-Hyo-Joo5

Your next Little Black Dress should look something like this – sheer and with adorable pearl accents. Wear it like a dress or wear it with matching black pants for a totally unique and edgy look.

Han-Hyo-Joo-Vogue-Girl4 Chanel-Spring-Summer-2013_Han-Hyo-Joo6

Saturate your wardrobe with cropped jackets as gorgeous as this Chanel creation. Wear them with full, high-waisted skirts for a whimsical look.

Han-Hyo-Joo-Vogue-Girl7 Chanel-Spring-Summer-2013_Han-Hyo-Joo3

The jacket itself is a statement. Pair it with a printed top to make it look less intimidating.

What do you guys think of Han Hyo Joo’s Vogue Girl Korea spread? Do you love it as much as I do?

cr : http://www.koreandramafashion.com/han-hyo-joo-wears-chanel-for-vogue-girl/


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