[NEWS] Han Hyo Joo Looks Immaculate and Cute On Set Commercial Shooting


Recently, actress Han Hyo Joo was confirmed to be in a commercial for a contact lens brand, and the shooting for this commercial took place last week Friday (5th April). Pictures of Han Hyo Joo on set the shooting process was released, and gained a lot of attention due to the actress’s cute and natural look.

In the published photos, Han Hyo Joo looks elegant and immaculate as she has her make up put on by her make up artist. In another picture, Han Hyo Joo is seen conversing with her coworkers in the resting area of the shoot; her smile is particularly attractively as she listens to the others speak.

In addition, Han Hyo Joo is known for her work in many films, particularly in last year’s “Love 911” and “Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King”, which catapulted her to becoming one of the most distinguished and signature Korean actresses of modern day.


cr : http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/han-hyo-joo-looks-immaculate-and-cute-on-074700618.html


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