PHOTOS : [13.05.20] me2day updates – Han Hyo Joo




잘 지내고있어요? 봄은 찰나의 순간이네요. 덥다고 칭얼대지말고, 다가오는 여름도 함께 즐겹보아요. 곧 만나요. 씨유 쑤운!^^

I hope she’s doing better poses for her next selca. And I’m confused. Why she always wore black outfits in everywhere. It’s very boring. Please come on and move on Han Hyo Joo 🙂

( from : agneshyo )


5 thoughts on “PHOTOS : [13.05.20] me2day updates – Han Hyo Joo

  1. ahhhh uri hyojoo look so sweet, beautiful 🙂 🙂 🙂
    hope she’s enjoying her holidays in Bangkok !!!
    See u soon, hyojoo shi ^_^

  2. A friend who works at a hotel there said that So Ji Sub is in Bangkok also and they were both staying at Oriental Residence Luxury

  3. If it is just a coincidence that both Jisub and Hyo Joo stayed at the same hotel and at the same time, it is good to know that at least after their film they are still good acquiantances and do not avoid meeting if they did meet each other. Both of them are single or am i wrong hyojoohan, my dear?

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