BLACKYAK CF newest version [captures] – Han Hyo Joo & Jo In Sung



2 thoughts on “BLACKYAK CF newest version [captures] – Han Hyo Joo & Jo In Sung

  1. There is no denying that there is chemistry between Hyo Joo and In Sung. There seems to be real and true feelings between the two of them. It seems it has come to a point that it’s already beyond professional relationship but a personally deep interaction and this is manifested in all of their actions towards one another.This has started as far back as their previous CFs : maxim coffee and the very enjoyable Crencia apparel to the present very impressive Blackyak.

    It is such a pleasure to watch such a partnership in Korea’s entertainment world!
    Thank you HHJ and JIS…
    And may good luck and joy and peace be with the two of you always!

    • Dont know why..having watch all of their CF, I can feel that there is a chemistry between JIS & HHJ. Wish they will be offered to make movie/drama together

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