[13.02.22] Han Hyo Joo’s Birthday | PICS



From: HHJ OFFICIAL ME2DAY | http://me2day.net/agneshyo


9 thoughts on “[13.02.22] Han Hyo Joo’s Birthday | PICS

  1. From whom were the flowers? We hope thay came from the persons we all wish to be closest to Hyo Joo. And the dog is so cute, as cute as the holder. Am glad the sweater she is wearing is red. Surely the best of luck will be our Hyo Joo’s this year: peace, happiness and joy and of course success in both her professional and personal life. And this will continue in the future – so many more years to come!

  2. Very happy..happy b’day dear. Nice to see your beautiful smile in your b’day…always prayer for your healthy and happiness….Love from your fans around the world…:) 🙂

  3. Nice dedicated for your b’day from


  4. White Jasmine,
    What a beautifil and meaningful presentation!
    Thank you for the manifestation of your love for our one and only beloved.
    Am sure everybody is happy and grateful to you for what you’ve done.
    Am sure too that our b’day girl if she sees this one would be appreciative of your efforts.
    Really,really …Thanks to 87mystar !
    From all of us,
    Faithful Han Hyo Joo fans

    • Dear Abgonz…I find that vids from YT, I think it’s very nice to share here….
      hyojoohan thanks a lot for your dedicated blog….Hyo Joo lovers together here 🙂

  5. happy bday hyo joo imnida

  6. happy birthday hyojoo!!
    hyojoo so cute^^
    what a nice girl!!!

    did seunggi give some birthday present to hyojoo??kkk

  7. I wish happy birthday Wish If you could be my sis. Love U soooooooooooo much

  8. Late…Happy Birthday to You!!!

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