[2009] Han Hyo Joo & Lee Seung Gi Full KISS BTS from Brilliant Legacy EP.28 | VIDEO

uploader: HanHyoJooArchives @ youtube


13 thoughts on “[2009] Han Hyo Joo & Lee Seung Gi Full KISS BTS from Brilliant Legacy EP.28 | VIDEO

  1. woohooooo 😀 seungjoo in the airrrr~!!! can feel so much ♥♥♥ here ekeke going crazy here~ downloaddd XD

  2. Thanks for sharing hyojoohan 🙂 It’s the real kiss. Remember about LSG told at his fanmeet in Indonesia last year, the best ending scene among his three drama is brilliant legacy ending scene. He said because a beautiful scene there…

    • I almost being crazy cause searching this video for long long time… but now I found that,,, what a lucky ! =D I think seung gi have another reason to said it… the reason is that he can’t forget his lovely kisses with our hyobaby XD

    • 😀 i’m keep going crazy here, wohh whitejasmin so u there too hizz i wish we know each other earlier then we can meet ekeke, yes i’m very2 remember all he said @indo FM esp. about BL, screaming like crazy that time, cant tahan my shipper heart lols he love ending BL coz hyojoo confess to him and kiss him 1st lols
      its the best healing for seunggi coz of 10 times NG @bridge scene effect =)))))))))))

  3. omo !!!! i m lols 🙂
    whitejasmin n anista_seungjoo so did seunggi said he like the BL ending best n is also cuoz hyojoo confess n kiss him first 🙂
    i think i m gg to faint !! hyojoohan 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. hyojoohan, @anista, bee, we all together here, never ending talk about them..it‘s very nice…hopefully they bcome a couple in real 🙂

    • We are ogether ever after ! Whatever will happen . . our beloved couple SEUNGJOO must and shall to be REAL couple !


    • Yes, WhiteJasmine !!!
      like hyojoohan said keep the Faith and hope for our seungjoo couple, right 🙂 🙂

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