31 thoughts on “Brilliant Legacy Official Pictures

  1. Hwansung couple…..miss you so much ^-^….hopefully be a real couple…

  2. +1 Me2 🙂

    hyojoohan thank you so much for always keeping this blog updated with so many hyojoo news & i like the new gif ^_^
    PS. To everyone Happy Chinese Lunar New Year & enjoy the holidays

    • U’re welcome Bee! thank U so much too for always coming and loving this blog… yeah the gif is amazing! I’m brilliant legacy addict! the one I love from Han Hyo Joo that was Brilliant Legacy with Lee seung gi! I love BL indeed ~~ =D

  3. so i guess many of us still missing our EunHwan aka HwanSung couple or Seungjoo Couple 🙂
    Hope we will have a chance to see them appearing together again
    PS. That’s a good pic ♥ 이승기 ♥ 인도네시아 ♥ !! Well done, fren 🙂

    • yes i am… one of person who thinking bout them everyday is me! i hoping seungjoo will hang out together and press will show up to public…. gah i’m dying ~~~

      • 🙂 hyojoohan +1 me2
        but, m very happy that seungjoo r good frens 🙂
        do hope they can do an ad together for samsung !!!
        ahhhhhh….. i m just dying to see them act together again huhu……

      • really hoping it will happen… i do wish not only with seunggi, but also with many another flower boys… so long time i been her huge fan… I’m not fan of her movies… but the one and only Brilliant Legacy who made me crazy… I hope hyojoo will do another dramas like brilliant legacy a lot… and of course she must pair with LEE MIN HO or KIM SO HYUN first! XD

  4. ~kkk glad that u all like it gals 😀 hi WhiteJasmine hi Bee and ofcoz our beloved blog owner hyojoohan yeah that’s exactly what i think when i see those 2 photo and i’m super curious what brand seunggi clothes is coz we are already know what hyojoo clothes brand 😦
    btw 😀 nice to gathering here, all of u can check the other SeungJoo special case investigate by me here http://anistarusianadewi.muzy.com/ :))) welcome to my crazy shipper world~ lols i keep match making them OMG! SeungJoo cure me 😀 please be real soon!! XD

  5. 😀 i feel like i found my new family *bear hug* so happy that all of u support my seungjoo investigation ekeke.. dont worry i’ll keep my investigation forever till they become real and i’ll try to share here as fast as i can 🙂

    • Same like u..sometime I investigate them too…kekekeke ^_^, thanks for your investigate pics ..It’s so adorable. Oh maybe added for u’re investigate, LSG Sofa for “love time” teaser vid same with HHJ for forest magazine photoshot, and LSG cody for always vip primiere with brown long-drapey scarf same with HHJ scarf in this movie. and HHJ wear a traditional Chezh Rep. mini gown in Bae soo bin fanmeet (it”s special), after LSG back from Europe. I’m really wait HHJ wear Batik someday, as gift from LSG from Indonesia..ha..ha..ha…All of us…SeungJoo addict ^-^

    • Thank You ♥ 이승기 ♥ 인도네시아 So Much #BIG HUG 😀 our seungjoo must be real… must be real FiGHTiNG !

  6. whitejasmin 😀 yes please share it with the pics, cant get enough just by imagine it ~kkk
    thanks in advance

  7. ohh…. i just love u guys 🙂
    thanks so much for sharing the love of seungjoo shippers ♥ 이승기 ♥ 인도네시아 & whitejasmin & esp u hyojoohan 🙂
    Fighting my frens !!!!
    Guess i must pop by often to keep myself update on hyojoo & seungjoo 🙂 🙂 🙂

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