Han Hyo Joo’s apartment

The article revealed that Han Hyo Joo is neighbors with TOP, Jung Joon Ho, Lee Young Ae, Shin Min Ah and a whole bunch of other celebrities! They live at Un Village, located in Hannam-Dong. Here’s a little overview of the apartment complex:


Located in Hannam-dong, Un Village has more than 800 luxurious single family houses, villas and apartments. Placed alongside a peaceful hill which is accessed only by its entrance 24-hour guarded by exculsive patrolls, many an ambassies and ambassadors’ residence are nestled here.

With Namsan on the back and the Han River on the front, which is regarded as the most auspicious and prosperous location in Seoul in terms of feng shui[geomantic principles], many of the Korean leading coporate leaders are also gathered to live here including CEO of Hyundai Motors Company.

The streets are quiet and peaceful with cutting-edge security systems and CCTVs watching every passengers and cars 24/7


As situated at the center of Seoul, downtown is very near and Kangnam area is 10 minutes’ drive. Deutsche Schule Seoul (a German school) is near the entrance of UN Village and other prestigious schools’ bus services are available. The nearest subway station is Oksu staion (orange line) and Hannam station (national rail way)


6 thoughts on “Han Hyo Joo’s apartment

  1. Such a nice village. Feel glad that Hyo Joo lives in such a safe place. Can we perhaps have a view of her personal place. Is this allowed? If not, it’s ok. Just knowing her safe and sound in her home is enough.

  2. Thanks for the swift reply hyojoohan but after opening the link what i saw are the bday gifts given Hyo Joo last year but there are no views of her home. Should i modify the link? Thanks lots hyojoohan. You really are the only person who we can rely on to give us info on and about our Hyo Joo. Thank you once again for everything!

  3. Thanks lots hyojoohan. Tho its only a part of her home, it can be seen that its like our Hyo Joo- neat, looks inviting, pleasing to the eyes and sooo homey.
    So our Hyo Joo received so many gifts on her last bday. Hope one of her bday gifts this year is someone who loves her truly and vice- versa and pray and hope that the two of them will forever be blessed with happiness, peace, joy and love and of course success in both their private and public lives.

  4. i really love han hyo joo

  5. i really want to meet hyojoo! psl!

    • Me too, I do love her acting in the movies, especially Always (only you) movie when i first watched. My tear always fell down. I love you Han Hyo Joo.

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