Han Hyo Joo revealed her youthful charm image – [article]

Preface: the lively and charming actor Han hyojoo seems to be decent so it——decent and pure, what is she up to now an adjunct of, well, lively and careless are pleasant and the box office is just getting over a film of the band-aid after the release of, made people think actors Han hyojoo new modifiers. Say is the period, Han hyojoo is how to put up with it? Actually can play a lively and tough role easily.


Trough “Brilliant Legacy” and “Dong Yi” and “Gwanghae: the man who become King” Han Hyo Joo showed the dignified ,pure image and also tough alongside well-known senior actors. This twenty years old actress said dignified and tough acting comes out from her confidence. However, the “Band-Aid” released in December last year, Han Hyo Joo show distinct image of its previous work.

Playing ‘Mi soo’ a lively doctor , an unexpected girl who always doing spontaneous and sometimes yelling. Stationed close to each other’s hearts and show love offensive other than Mi soo can show herself, so I decided to star this movie without hesitation”.

Han Hyo Joo shows with a smile from start to finish and work have been shown in the image made her lively and charming. But as “Mi soo, she showed not easy to afraid and no charm, of course and Han Hyo Joo recently guest starred in the Running Man is very similar to Mi soo.

81ee2da4462309f7b59ba5db720e0cf3d5cad6a3 [acting progress,Select the script]

Debut in 2004 with “Nonstop5”, In Han Hyo Joo works list, you may know that she did care for her acting and carefully to choose her works. She showed her acting more mature and distinct image in KBS’s drama “Spring Waltz” in 2006.
Yoon Suk Ho who directing it at the time said ” I will have to say that Han Hyo Joo analysis of the role is perfect ,” this is the case. Despite this is her first debut on drama but you can see this is really close to the scene of the image of Han Hyo Joo.

After that, she starred in two low-cost films, is indeed solid acting skills in the field. Through 2006, starred in the movie “Ride Away”, she won the 20th Singapore International Film Festival Award for Best Actress. After that, in 2010, trough TV drama “Dong Yi” she won daesang on MBC Drama Awards and successfully proved the quality of her acting.

“I have a great desire for acting. Debut in years,I carried my desire to exceed its power, own pain over the standard set too high, the result amounted to less than expected, to make self very sad, very responsibility, but also a negative. “

This process creates a good foundation of opportunities to the stability acting . Han Hyo Joo do not want to miss this opportunity. Since then, she selected her work and brought the audience kept firmly in their mind of her name. Han Hyo Joo has lots of opportunities to make her into a top actress.


[2012 Fairview big screen]

For Han Hyo Joo, 2012 is ‘ big time ‘ movie feel for a year. By virtue of the all incoming: Gwanghae the man who became King created the highest-grossing record last year. In the subsequent release of the bandage is still quickly exceeded 1 million viewers. She spend a very warm year.

“When shooting for bandage”, I have a new idea in acting. Just thinking of how to properly before, now again going to have a very pleasant way to acting after one’s own heart begin? Although, performing groups staff and directors was adapted very well, take a harmonious atmosphere, naturally, but I feel like I knew the time was very meaningful way, know the actor is not always necessary to change image, know some of you are good at its head, is demonstrated by being energy. ”

Therefore, recently, from Han Hyo Joo don’t see the smile on his face. While the film’s response is very good, but it may be because of her own acting skills to go through a growth stage. Recently she is shooting a new movie “Stakeout”, she played a special class of new police officers in specialized organizations . The movie is based on collaboration Sol Kyung-gu , Jung Woo Sung is only responsible for monitoring specific objects **  within a particular organization monitors specifically for background criminal .This action drama movie is expected to release early this year.


[bring positive energy when I am very happy]

Choose to be actors in this field, when you see yourself play works or through activities that have been shown to bring the audience to good effect, Han hyojoo ‘ actor the road does not go wrong ‘  idea. It mean, ‘ bring good influence and positive energy to fans feel very happy’.

“In the past, when feeling uncomfortable, do not know how to do, suffer or smile and endure it as passed. But recently, I’ll be inquiring. ‘ Not comfortable? Wrong? If you are not comfortable enough, you can’t hard to do it? ‘ So constantly asking yourself, this is evidence of making themselves comfortable. Just looking to play good, first-aid to the people of praise. This is not ‘ will only remember the first name of the world ‘? Recently, I came to understand: even less can I as long as they can do better, do better, which is also acceptable. ”

She said: at this moment I’m very happy, and feel so good and very grateful to everyone.

Say ‘ happy ‘ word, feel very luxurious. As actors for a living is good, filled with gratitude at this time. Took a lot of work recently, felt mature a lot. Watching bandage feel very fresh, the view screen as purely an audience Han Hyo Joo,  after last year’s all incoming dignified perseverance of Gwanghae and bandage part to lively Miho and now as a special police officers. Enjoy a seriously busy year with Han Hyo Joo, now does not see her more casual side. Recognition of solid acting and demonstrated stable foundation at the scene was watched by actress Han Hyo Joo is worth a higher level.

  • Source : Korean National Health Insurance Magazine January 2013
  • Translation : by hanhyojooworld

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  1. thanks hyojoohan for your hardwork to translate the article..our Han HyoJoo having a great year in acting, hopefully she comeback on small screen this year..

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