“Band-aid” has surpassed 2.5 million viewers

According to the president of Next Entertainment world (NEW), the film production of “Band-aid” on his interview recently :

“Band-aid”, the romantic movie starred by Han Hyo Joo and Go Soo which premiere on Last December until January 18th has reached 2,5 million viewers with a gross value of 18 billion won. Aside Distributor’s investment theaters about 9 billion won, with Total Cost of Production about 5.5 billion won so the net profit of the movie “Band-Aid” about 3.5 billion won.

He added : “even though the competition with CJ, Lotte, and Showbox is not easy and the period of released “gone with the wind “and” Band-Aid ” is in the summer and winter, but they have been successfully becoming box office.

English translation by hhjworld base to chinese translation by 伊圣恩 @baiduhhj

One thought on ““Band-aid” has surpassed 2.5 million viewers

  1. What is most important in an investment is its net profit. So proud and happy that Love 911 despite its modest budget and stiff competition with big-budgeted films( local and foreign ) has such a good performance at the box office. And this fact is from no less than the producer’s president. Congratulations sir! We fans of Hyo Joo maybe biased but for us this proves once again the appeal and popularity of our beloved Hyo Joo since the project is not cast heavy with so many popular actors and actresses but with only Go Soo as the other A-1 actor and as stated earlier-not with a big budget and still the producers are satisfied and happy with the results. Here is praying hard for the success of all the future endeavors of our one and only most loved – Han Hyo Joo.

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