[AD] Poster Collection by. Samsung

images (source) : [Naver] | via : [Baiduhhj]


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One thought on “[AD] Poster Collection by. Samsung

  1. There’s a photo of you with your eyes closed. I can identify with that pix. Because we won’t ever come close to seeing each other. That’s alright. You are world famous and have many contracts to fulfill. Your time is not your time, it’s the world’s. Your life is not your life, it’s theirs. But you still have dreams that the world can’t give you. I too, am one(fan) in a million fans. Fate is a funny thing. When you least want to, you have to travel. When you least expect it, you find a friend in the most unlikely place. Someone once said, “Happiness is the certainty that our life is not spent in vain”. Your birthday is in a month, but I don’t know if I will be around that day, so I’ll wish you a happy birthday today, because today I’m alive. I’m sure you can’t give out your private phone number or E-mail to strangers, so I’ll just leave you a few words to encourage you once in a blue moon. It may not be much but it might help you not to lose hope in life.

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