Hyo Joo for newsbankimage interview – [pics]

From all her Interview Pictures, Over All these Pictures are my Favorite ! She is so beautiful here, her hair is neat and good, and her outfit totally pure not looks like a sweater. ahhh nomu nomu chuaaa 

credit : [newsbankimage] | via : [baidu-hhj]

6677f01f4134970a91c61feb95cad1c8a5865de5 78595f66d0160924616eaddfd40735fae4cd34cb 7db88a01a18b87d626eea4db070828381d30fdee 39a79c8fa0ec08fa4d5f1c6359ee3d6d54fbda3f 5199f5dcd100baa17db8487f4710b912cafc2e86 c9ac25381f30e924bf0893f54c086e061f95f7ee e9db932f070828381aa1d3d0b899a9014e08f1ee1ffcc1bf6c81800a8e9b86cab13533fa838b47188f909a0a304e251f3642eb3ca786c9177d3e53e5 6f2f8ad6277f9e2f049912cc1f30e924ba99f3ee 33bb4c34970a304e8797af3ed1c8a786cb175ce5


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